According to a study smartphones are replaced later

Wished there was a “more than 100 months” option so I could brag (yet agaaaaain … ) with my 2004-2014 Sony Ericsson k700i! But then again, that’s not exactly a smartphone … :blush: (although it had bluetooth – allowed me to remote control VLC on the computer –, mp3 player, video, photo, an “online button” :smiley: …)

P.S.: To avoid misunderstandings, I am not asking for any more additions :slight_smile:


@urs_lesse your 6 years of Fairphone 1 is also pretty impressive


I’m kind of missing an option for people with two phones (but I’m probably in the minority).

I have a FP4 now, because they shut down 3G networks and my beloved Nexus 4 wasn’t compatible anymore. But I consider the Nexus my current phone, since that’s what I still use most of the time.

Those were the days :slightly_smiling_face: I still miss my W800. I consider that my first smartphone, it was actually usable for Mail, Twitter and light browsing.

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It will never be perfect. My current phone is only three months old and it’s predecessor only lived about a year, before several cars ran over it. Both were/are supposed to be used at least four to five years :wink:.

I’m missing my Nokia C7. A very nice AMOLED display, deep black and easily readable in brightest sunlight. And Symbian S60 was a perfect blend of a feature phone UI and touchscreen. The shape fitted perfectly into the palm of a hand. Navigation was preinstalled, it could be used as a FM transmitter to bring music into the car stereo…

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I image ‘this’ study is unrepresentative of people in general by a long, long, long way ~~~~~~~


My Fairphone 2 sadly didn’t last me as long as I had hoped, getting too slow for my needs even after replacing battery and all for my needs after just 19 months.

My Fairphone 3 is now in its 30th month and still rocking along just fine, I’m hoping it’ll last me at least until the Fairphone 5 is out :slight_smile:


Maybe the FP forum isn’t very representative :thinking:

My FP2 lasted six years, and I still use one for all the gougle stuff I do not want on my FP4 :slight_smile:


P.S. My FP1 is in the permanent exhibition of the Swiss Museum of Communication in Berne, at the topic “Sustainability” :slight_smile:


There are telecom providers with the so called multi-device option: I did so, the main SIM in my FP4, a secondary SIM in an old FP2 with some gougle stuff I need and had to pay for (like the PeakFinder), but without any contacts, calendar nor emails to track etc.

Its not only about how old your current smartphone is. Its about secure, user replaceable, working handmedowns/refurbs as well. I currently use a FP4 since a few days, I will sell my FP3 once the transition is complete. So while I am in the 0-12 month range, I will sell a working smartphone which can be viable for someone else, depending on their use-case. At some point, hardware is ‘good enough’ we saw this in the PC market as well. For example, if you want 1080p gaming, you can use a processor/GPU of a few years old. If you want 4k or 2k then you need a more powerful processor/GPU. Smartphone games, many don’t require a powerful processor/GPU. RAM is pretty much a non-factor these days.

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So far I’ve had mine 7 years :joy: - anyone more than that?


Smartphone 9 years (Nexus 4), feature phone 21 years (Trium Mars, only for SMS 2FA, where needed…) :slightly_smiling_face:


yes - 5 months ago i replaced my first edition fairphone which was 7 years old and still working (still works now!) - i only had to replace it because i could no longer upgrade the os and therefore less & less apps worked. that FP1 was my first smartphone.


replaced to what?

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FP3+, & i installed /e/ os as i do not use google. so far i’m very happy with it :slight_smile:


I could not complete the second and third polls because this FP4 is my first smartphone ever.

Mine meanwhile as well :wink: But it is getting old…

Yes I have a couple either side of ten tears, one I use as a media player the other as a camera. Neither can do Wi-Fi calling which is essential where I reside.

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