My FP3+ keeps trying to reboot


My Fairphone started yesterday to switch off alone and now it keeps trying to reboot. I cannot even switch it off. I had to take off the battery.
Did anyone have the same problem? Any hint on how to solve this problem?


Hi Carine,

One possibility is the SD card if you have one. However if you do have one, don’t remove it before checking how you are using it: either as expansion of internal memory (not advisable) or as external / portable. If portable try removing it.

Check out about SD cards here.

There’s quite a lot of discussion around rebooting FP3s.


Thanks for your answer OldRoutard. I have no SD card but as I wanted to add one, your link is very useful.
I thought it might be from the SIM card but I have tried to insert it in another phone and it does work.

I think the second most likely source of the problem is a poor contact somewhere, or possibly a faulty power button.
Have you any details about the phone’s history? Any particular usage conditions? Exposure to humidity?
To fix a contact problem the usual approach is to completely disassemble the phone and clean all contacts on all modules and the battery with isopropyl alcohol or high-grade clinical alcohol.
You’ll need this

You’ll find talk about this in the topics already suggested or here

P.S. - don’t forget to let us know which version of OS you are running
Settings > About phone > Build number or just confirm you’re running stock OS and have updated since May.

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A SIM can be faulty even if working in another phone. So when yours stops rebooting when the SIM is out, I would try to get a new one, especially when its already a few years old

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Thanks yvmuell but the behavious is the same without the SIM card

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Thank you OldRoutard. I cannot say which OS version is running as I cannot start my phone. Just know it is Android 11
I want to wait before this drastic disassemble step as my phone is still under warranty

Opening the phone will not void warranty. Remember: Designed to open :smile:

However you should not go beyond step 7 in the iFixIt teardown (i.e. do not attempt to disassemble the individual components).

Then you’re up to date.

P.S. - If you’re a bit hesitant about opening the phone you might see if you have a local #fairphoneangel who might be able to assist you or advise.


Thank you very much @OldRoutard. I have sent a mail to a #fairphoneangel. I love the idea! Let’s see if (s)he answers and helps me out

Thanks so much OldRoutard. After having talked with you and with a Fairphone Angel, I have disassembled my phone and could fix it. It was just some contact problem of the on/off button.
I am very glad.


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