My FP2 reboots all the time


My FP2 is 6 month old (I actually bought it in 2016 but it got changed after various problems) and it keeps doing soft reboots all the time, like at in average 3 or 4 times a day. With my previous one I had such reboots but only when I was using battery intensive apps like games, and the device was heating up. But with this one I have now it reboots even when I don’t do anything power intensive, like writing a text, swipping in the menu, or even when I’m asleep ! (I know it because when I wake up the phone is back to the sim card pin screen). So I know it’s not some kind of misplaced case I saw in other posts, because it reboots even when I don’t touch it, whether it’s charging or not. And I don’t think it’s app related because it happens on various apps and even on the main screen, and since the beginning, when I didn’t even install yet all my apps.
I actually don’t really excpect a solution beside “send it back”, but I think I needed to vent out a bit because that’s my 2nd FP2 and it’s driving me crazy (and I don’t even mention the other issues like the weak ass battery who goes from 30% to 5% in 10 minutes…)

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