My FP1: four years and counting!

Thank you Paula!
Sorry, I am newby in this forum. How can access to the full explaination about how to do the customrecovery? I entered in the dictionary but I cannot see it.

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I found the information!!! and with the recovery mode it is working again!! THANK YOU!! UF…I feel now relieved. I hope my Fairphone survive to Bangladesh and much more!!!



I am also still on my first Fairphone, deliverd January 2014. One change of battery in 2016. Still working like a jiffy. I am not a heavy user of apps, but those I frequent regularly are working fine. Het, I am looking forward to the new Fairphone 3. Any news, Fairphone?


News about a potential Fairphone 3 is bundled in this thread: Fairphone 3 - Interview of Bas from FrAndroid


Yes, still using FP1 after 4 years, even with the original battery. I LOVE having a FP & being part of all this; & great to know you guys in the FP community are out there :smiley:

Having some battery problems finally (not holding charge, esp if I browse internet or use Facebook), so wondering about replacing it but not sure where to go to get a new battery these days.

Am also considering upgrade to FP2, but would like to keep FP1 working anyway for ecological reasons & my son could use it.

Thanks everyone!:kissing_heart:

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Maybe this is something for you:


Better late than never, we now have the 4 years badge. So far 20 people have it, compared to 31 who have the 3 year badge.
I’m sure the number will still rise, but it’s already impressive that 65% of people who kept their phone for 3 years made it at least one more year.


There is a typo in the badge text: "This badge is awarded to anyone with a Fairphone 1 that is older then four years. "


I’d also make the capital P a small one. But I’m glad the title is there (would not have needed the badge). :slight_smile: I’m just scared of the day I will need to proudly display all my Fairphone badges …


You do realize, that the number of 31 badges is in no way reflecting the real number of Fairphone 1 out there still in use (even on a daily basis).
So calculating a percentage to me seems a bit weird.
:duck_und_wech: (:duck_down_and_gone:) :wink: :grin:

No I assumed all FP1 users are active on the forum and collected all the badges they deserved. :wink:
Of course I know it’s just a small sample, but there have been many studies in history with a smaller sample.

By the way, my FP1 will celebrate its 4.5th birthday at Wacken Open Air on sunday (ok, the festival will over by then, but anyway) :wink:

Oh, and while I just missed the fourth birthday (23 July) of mine, I actually gave it some new life the other day by finally installing a somewhat modern messenger (Telegram). :slight_smile:


I am also still on my FP1, deliverd January 2014 (I have the special cover for the 10185 crowd-founders :slight_smile: ). Only a replacement of battery in 2017. I’d like to keep it until the new FP3. Any news about it?


This is a question for other topics. Just search this tag: #fp3

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So, I made it to 4 years and almost 10 months. I officially retired my FP1 this week. It has been a sturdy, if increasingly geriatric-feeling companion, and still looks almost perfect (and I will probably sell it for spare parts if anyone’s interested). The problem is, the battery performance became unreliable about a year ago, and fitting it with a replacement battery last spring sadly didn’t make all that much difference. It seems like it could be a hardware issue? Basically, both with the old FP battery as well as the replacement one, the window of actual useability would be between 100 and 75% full - any lower than that, the reading would just drop like a rock until complete emptiness. For the past year, I’ve been getting maybe 1 hour of data usage between chargings, and it became annoying even though I’d say my demands are fairly minimal. I got used to my phone just shutting down during my fairly short commute home while not doing anything more intense than scrolling through Twitter. And that’s considering I only keep data or wifi on whilst actually using them, keep GPS off (using Maps also tended to drain the battery within minutes), don’t usually play music or watch videos, etc. Also, the charging time became unpredictable - sometimes it would go from empty to 100% in an hour, and next time, having left it to charge overnight, it would still not be full in the morning.

I mean, I could potentially have carried on with help from a battery pack, toughing it out until the FP3 release… but it’s not like we have a date lined up on that, is it. And the FP1 experience has not encouraged me to go for a FP2: I find it hard to believe there would be continued support for FP2 for the next 3 or 4 years, based on how long it’s been since FP1’s software updates ended and last spare parts sold out. I believe I’ll get more mileage out of a phone that starts out up to date. I went for a 1+ 6.

No regrets. I wish FP well and will keep an eye on any future releases.


I am also still on my FP1, deliverd August 2014. Good Job. Today a replacement of battery was necessary, because it looks slightly bloated.
It’s still working and i like to use it until …wait and see what happens.


I understand! Note, however that FP has secured spare parts for the FP2 for at least three years by ordering the important components ahead, which they were not able to do in the FP1 days as they had less cash on hand at the time & because the FP1 was not their own design.


As the five year mark approaches, my life increasingly revolves around keeping my First Edition FP1 alive, and reducing any dependency on it as much as possible.

My friends think I’m crazy.

I replaced the battery twice in the first year. I’m now on my third and fourth battery, alternating. The third is starting to bloat.

Two years ago, problems with the USB port began to manifest. I became increasingly creative with angles to charge it. I destroyed multiple cables in the process. Books and furniture are used to great effect. This summer, my friend took it apart and re-soldered it for me. This improved things for a while, but it’s fallen apart again internally since. I can now only charge it when I hold the cable in at a specific angle myself. So I charge my phone when I’m watching a movie or on a long bus ride. I’ve got good at eating with one hand and charging my phone with the other. I keep it offline as much as possible, so I don’t have to charge it so often. In recent months of extremely minimal network usage, just using the camera and offline maps, the battery lasts three days or so.

I recently bought an (expensive) universal charger, which I had to rip a bit of the padding off and have to wedge the batteries into at an angle to make the fit, but it does charge them. I was all set for my life to go back to normal, no more tiptoeing around my poor baby FP’s needs. However, the charger seems to have destroyed the batteries, as since I started using it neither of them now hold charge for more than a few hours even when the phone is offline completely and I’m asleep.

I’ve been gradually and painfully migrating friends from WhatsApp to Signal, as I can use that on my computer when my phone is not connected. I keep the SIMs disabled except when absolutely necessary. I travel fulltime, and am getting used to paper maps in new cities. I can’t use the mobile app for my bank. I’m thinking about buying a digital camera.

I still tell everyone I meet they should buy a Fairphone.

I think I have a problem.


You should consider using a magnetic USB cable (especially when you fix the USB port once again) - it’s also what @Stefan does.