My FP1: four years and counting!

FP2 is too big for my tiny hands, and my friends who have them have had too many problems for me to spend 399eur :confused: If either FP2 was perfect or I was considerably richer, I might. I’ll just live without a smartphone until FP3 or I come across something second hand and free … back to life how it was before FP came along…

(Update: It charged by USB to 91% upside down propped up with a mug of tea against the wall last night!!)


I would love to see a gallery of all the ways you have been charging your phone :wink:


Haha I would love to provide one but mostly I couldn’t take pictures of my phone as it’s my only camera xD However, here is one from the other night, from my laptop webcam… (also featuring universal charger with spare battery wedged in, cos that doesn’t really fit)


Amazing. I am really lucky and happy that my USB port still works without any problems so I don’t have to worry about how to charge it


I rarely look at the forum, because obviously it’s mostly FP2, but wait…

I can’t remember exactly when I got my FP1, but it was summer 2014, so I’m over 4 years now, and it’s still working quite well. I’m on the second battery, which is starting to struggle (occasionally drains abnormally quickly, but then fine on the next charge).

I didn’t upgrade to the FP2; the larger size put me off. I’m still desperately clinging to the idea that 130mm is perfectly large enough for a mobile phone :wink: I suppose I’ll probably have to buy an evil phone (2nd-hand) to fill the gap before the FP3 arrives… hoping there’s a compact version.


If it’s only the battery, you can replace it by a generic one. See here for more info: #fp1battery


Yes, I might do that, Stefan. For a while, I thought the phone was becoming too slow for some of the apps I use, but I think it’s going to be fine for a while…

using it since September 2014, second batch no. 700 :slight_smile:
How do you guys deal with the software issue? since I can’t update the browser (duckduckgo) because of the old Android version I can’t use multiple important websides anymore. For example public transportation connections and so on. That’s why I consider getting FP2, but I’m afraid it will be too big for me.


Have you seen this yet:

not yet but thank you for sharing. As far as I can understand this could be a solution, right? Sorry for minor techie knowledge

Sorry no, I just checked and the DuckDuckGo browser needs Android 5.0 or higher. This is only 4.4.4.
Have you tried a different browser, like Fennec F-Droid?


I’ll definitely check this one. Thanks!

Likely that’s because TLS1.0 is deprecated, using Android 4.4 will solve that. And using another browser often helps as well, as suggested.

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For reference:


I’ve a FP1, 2nd batch, from August 2014. On the second battery and crack in screen near the top Rt but other than being rather slow, it still works fine.
Trying to source a battery for my wife’s FP1 bought at the same time (but used a lot less than mine). So that’s 4 years 4 months.


thank you guys! My FP1 is functioning properly again with a different browser. So I’ll continue to use it till it drop


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Oh no :cry:
My FP1U is starting to have problems with USB connector and charging… :frowning:

Don’t worry, your fellow Austrian Fairphoners have you covered! :wink:

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My FP1 (second batch) is still running about 20 hours on a fully charged battery, and it’s the original battery. However, I did just buy a FP2 because of the huge discount of 24% while I always said I would use up my FP1. I found an excuse: I am going to install UbuntuPhone on my FP1… :wink:
Thanks FP for starting the movement, I’ve just jumped on the wagon number 2!