My FP1: four years and counting!

Mine will turn 4 at the start of February, all parts are original, no issues. I’m wishing I’d bought a new battery when they were still available though (if anyone has got a spare they’d like to sell, let me know!). I am also concerned about the lack of security updates (try to compensate by being a careful user/all accounts I access are 2-step verified, etc.).
Even so, I might actually make it to the 5 year mark, just because I’m too broke to get a FP2 for the foreseeable part of this year, and also too stubborn to settle for not-fair, unless FP1 completely dies on me. (FP1 is only my 4th ever cellphone since 2000 or 2001.)


Hey Michele,
what operating system do you use?
thanks, fab

The original fairphone OS with nova launcher, the best and most customizable there is!

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that’s such a shame.

Didn’t make it to the 4 year-old mark with my early 2014 engraved back-cover FP1…
I had to switch after 3.5 years --the determining factor was that people would not hear me talk during phone calls. They coud hear me a bit better when I was outside/not in my home that has mediocre cell phone reception, and so standing by my window to conduct work meetings was becoming too unconvenient. Add to this the slightly cracked screen, the danse of batteries to charge externally because of the dysfunctional USB port, the unfocusing camera (which I broke myself when trying to clean the said USB port), the overall slowness of the software and the limited 2G connection (#CanadianFairphoner), I have to tell the switch to FP2 was welcome (thanks for the wedding gift, mom!).


I’m also still using my FP1 (with engraving) as my everyday phone. The battery has been replaced once as the original one bloated. everything else is original and USB works also, just a few scratches over the years in the screen but nothing bad. Of course I have also encountered apps that I can’t use due to the old Android version but as I anyway prefer using and having as few apps installed as possible it’s not a big deal yet for me. Not getting security patches is a concern for me but as others have mentioned here and elsewhere, don’t open e-mail attachments from unknown, install apps from unknown sources etc. and the risk is minimized.


My FP1 was delivered in September 2014 and was working just fine until recently, despite a pretty bad screen crack due to a heavy fall. I wish I could use it at least one more year but my battery recently bloated and now it charges poorly and only works for a few hours at a time… Desperately browsing the forum in search for a second-hand FP1 battery. Fingers crossed!!


Some people are using a generic battery see here for more information.

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You really should give the generic battery a try. It works fine for me and is already sold as “battery for FP1 -short version” :wink:

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OK thanks, will do that if I can’t find another FP1.

I do not know what that means, though

How do I fill the space?

There’s a picture somewhere in the thread. You can use everything. I use cardboard for example.

Yes, in the meantime I found the answer to my question. Thank you all very much!


What would justify a FP2 for you?

Maybe a used on from this forum would work for you?

Well basically, I have to be convinced that the amount of time I expect that I’ll be able to use it without problems is worth the money that I would spend on the phone. In general, I would prefer buying a phone that can last me another 4-5 years than buying one that I expect to become outdated within a couple of years. So I’d have to look into the predicted amount of time that the FP2 still receives updates and the time that spare parts will be available etc.

Also, I’ve seen some pictures taken with other phone cameras (thinking specifically of Google Pixel 2) that I was totally blown away by, and since I’m really into photography, I would also look into the specifics of the phone camera’s value for money. If the phone could double as a high-quality compact camera (something I really cannot say of the FP1), then I’d be willing to spend more on it.


We have a FP1 that has been running fine since Jan 2014. It suffered from the swelling battery problem and so that part has been replaced. The screen was replaced early in its life, as well.
The person that uses it at the moment is not a big user of apps, so the dated software is not too great a problem. Long-term support of aging software is an expensive process!
Thank you for all your work, guys!


I am very sad, but I have to report that I don’t use a FP1 anymore. The reason is very stupid, I just lost my phone (probably in the tram) and it hasn’t been returned to a lost-and-found office.

Now I am a FP2 user and I hope I manage to keep it for more than four years.


Hi everyone! I´m happy to read that FP1 is working till now. Mine arrived in February 2014 and it have worked so far now. Only a replacement of battery (bloated) and a friend also changed something related with the system.
Today is the day that the message " Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" apear again. Last week, It happened but I pushesd the button OK, and I had time to quickly push the button RESTAR and could restart the phone and it will continue working. Today I cannot!! I am desesperated because tomorrow I will travel to Bangladesh one month and without mobile phone it may well be very complicated!.

if this happened also with your FP1 phone, what dis you solve?. Please, if someone can tell me something asap I would apreciate so much!.

Sorry, for my bad English, I´m Spanish!! :wink:

First I’d try to go to #dic:customrecovery and clean the system cache. If that doesn’t work make a #dic:backup and then perform a #dic:hardreset.

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Thank you Paula!
Sorry, I am newby in this forum. How can access to the full explaination about how to do the customrecovery? I entered in the dictionary but I cannot see it.

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I found the information!!! and with the recovery mode it is working again!! THANK YOU!! UF…I feel now relieved. I hope my Fairphone survive to Bangladesh and much more!!!