My FP1: Five years and counting! | Who is still using their FP1?

Hey!! I’m also a FP1 user!! Order: 27094, since February 2014, with 4.2.2. Bloated battery was replaced in 2017, but everything runs smooth :smiley:


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I too still have and use my FP1 which was ordered on the first day of the crowdfunding, order number 139 :slight_smile: All parts still original except the battery which has been replaced a couple of times


I still use 4.2. I don’t know so much why doing this update to 4.4.4… Or are there any alternative OS for the FP 1? Does Sailfish work on a FP1?

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How very encouraging that there are so many others with FP1s. My order was 20 May 2014, not sure how long it took to arrive, but I guess I’m in the 5 year club. On my second battery and third case, happily running Android 4.2.2, but otherwise everything is the same as when it came out of the case.


My FP1U is turning 5 today – Happy Birthday!

I still get around a week out of the battery (if most of my music files were still at 128 kBit/sec instead of 256 and if I still used MUSIC instead of VLC, I’d probably still get 9-10 days out of it every now and then). And it even runs a 400 GB microSDXC card now.

So if any moderator or admin would be so kind to grant me the badge, please? :slight_smile:


congratulations! i’m also still using my FP1 first edition & i guess it must also be coming up to 5 years :slight_smile: i’m onto the second battery & have no problems at the moment :slight_smile:


As a First Edition FP1, your Fairphone is easily 5.5 years old. Congrats and way to go! :slightly_smiling_face:


And a similar link with 94 messages in Fp1 Four years and counting, is now 5 years https://forum.fairphone.com/t/my-fp1-four-years-and-counting/36723/101


Mine is also 5.5 years now (from Feb 2014) and in fact I put my SIM in it today as I still use it as my open air festival phone while my FP2 stays at home.

Funny thing: I checked the FP1 two days ago and all was working well. I left it on fully charged without SIM but WiFi on for two days and the battery dropped to 81 percent. On a bad day my FP2 loses as much over night with energy saving mode on… (I know, there’s barely any apps on the FP1 so comparing both is a little unfair).


I have a second edition FP1U and have had problems. Apps keep not working. Need a new battery but can’t find one.

You received plenty of advice regarding the battery already:

Yeah but unfortunately it didn’t help me.

Have fun on that metal festival. :metal:t3::guitar:

I am also on my second edition FP1U. Deliverd August 2014 and… it’s still does a good job.


My FP1 is already 5 years old and counting!

( Working on Android 4.4.4 thanks to z3ntu: Android KitKat (4.4.4) for FP1 )


I got my FP1 on 20 January 2014. So, my phone has five years and almost eight months. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still using it with KitKat thanks to @z3ntu Android KitKat (4.4.4) for FP1


Et moi, j’ai eu mon fairphone en octobre 2013. Il marche toujours bien… à part la caméra dont les photos sont vraiment mauvaises. Mais bon, je téléphone, j’envoie des messages, j’écoute de la musique. Utiliser des applis, ca peut poser des problèmes à cause du vieux système d’exploitation. - Et je vais commander le fairphone 3 :grinning: (Dommage qu’il n’ y aura pas de pochette en couleur :woozy_face:)


i’m another happy FP1 first edition user :slight_smile: i had to replace the battery last year, & purchased the vhbw battery (https://vhbw-b2b.de/produkte/telefon/akkus/a12/b58/171296/Akku_fuer_Huawei_wie_HB5N1H_ua_1800mAh.htm) which comes with silicone spacers to make it fit & works fine. soon after that a friend gave me a proper FP1 battery, which i’m now using, & then at a Fairphone Meetup meeting i was given another FP1 battery. so there are still the original batteries around, and the vhbw one is a perfectly good replacement.
i’m still running on android 4.2.2. as i am a minimal phone user, and a minimal app user, and do not use google at all on my phone, i have not yet run into any problems because of using an older operating system, but i guess that will happen eventually & at that point i’ll be forced to upgrade … but i fully expect the phone to keep working :slight_smile:


Looks like I’m another happy FP1 owner that has turned 5, having bought mine in october 2014! (the badge, the badge! :smiley:)
It’s running Android 4.4.2 and, if you’re not too demanding on performance, it is still quite usable.

It has reached 5 years despite falling into the sea (!) 3 years ago, and I believe that it recovered from the accident only thanks to the possibility to be disassembled almost completely so I could wipe it out.

I really want to send a big “thank you” to all the guys at Fairphone for the great job, and I’m seriously considering to switch to a new FP3, but I’m not in hurry… :wink: