My FP1: Five years and counting! | Who is still using their FP1?

After a short overview this all looks as if I really have to study this … :-/

Maybe I should visit a “München Fairphone Meetup” to get personal help :smiley:

But thanks anyway for your fast reply.


Good idea, you probably saw the next one is already tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Yes I did - nice idea … but unfortunately I have to work at that time …

But I will keep this in mind and I really like this idea :slight_smile:

Some months ago I really considered talk to a guy next to me in the subway who also had a Fairphone 1 …

And a big Thank-You for your post - I just finished to install Android 4.4.4 … now “StattAuto München” won’t get any eMails about their new Web interface :wink:


Although it is my second FP1 altogether I’ve been using a FP1 for over 5 years. :slight_smile:


i also use an FP1 since first edition was released. but only on 4.2.2

with this discussion i will try to get the 4.4 :wink: we will see. what about the Munich FP meetings? i´ve never heard of them… when, where? i will participate :wink: maybe i was not mindful enough. but in case contact me.
maybe we can dicuss some FP2 issues directly.


The next one is TONIGHT. Heute Abend :angel:
Ansonsten immer am letzten Montag im Monat.

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Hi there, I also use a Fairphone from the first batch since January 2014 on Android 4.2.2. Everything is fine, I only changed the battery two years ago. I still love my phone and am so impressed with the work of the Fairphone-Team! I may even try to upgrade to Android 4.4… :slight_smile:


+1 from my side!:hugs: User since august 2014 if I remember well. Though I have not got my original; I had to change the screen module (early 2018) and motherboard (just a month ago, thanks @Stefan for helping with the issue in the early stage)

With my motherboard replaced I installed Android 4.4.4, which I can reccommend!


Same for me, I have my FP1 since January 2014. Despite a small part of the screen that is not touchscreen anymore (but I can handle it in some way), it is working smoothly. The only issue is that more and more apps do not run anymore on Android 4.x.x and require at least Android 5. Did you also encounter such issue?
I have also replaced the battery, the second one is still working fine, around 2 days before recharging.


danke dir, habe ich natürlich genau verpasst, das ewh kenne ich. super vielleicht sehen wir uns ja da mal.

FP1U still in use since 9/2014…


I also ordered mine (1st batch) in May 2013 and received it in January 2014. It’s still going strong (with a second battery) on Android 4.2.2 after 5 years, although the USB port is a little unreliable at times. Perhaps needs soldering?


I still repair FP1s on a regular basis, does that count?
Just yesterday I thought about it and I think about half of the people who come to me for help come with an FP1. So there are definitely still lots of FP1 users in Vienna. :slight_smile:


I got my FP1 on February 5th 2014. It still works and I use it whenever I go to an open air festival (more robust than the FP2, smaller, and slightly better battery life) and sometimes at Fairphone meetups, i.e. only a few times per year. Since December 2017 the FP2 is my daily driver.


Same here.
My FP1 still serves its purpose as a backup phone for my FP2.
Since the reboots issue was fixed by the simple tiny strip glued to the battery frame, that’s not often necessary. I still have it on me most of the time.
And my wife uses hers still as her one and only phone.
We just had to get a generic battery; thats all.


I’m also still using a FP1 since January 2014 on Android 4.2.2. After 2 years I had to exchange the battery.
Maybe I’ll try the upgrade to 4.4.4 to make Signal work again.

I’m eagerly waiting for the FP3…


@Those who are giving the badges:
I know, I am a bit fussy, but wouldn’t it be good to keep those badges in order?

When inventing new badges like the “X years of Fairphone 1/2” and giving them to community members, maybe they could be made coherent.

  • The ranking of the badges
    3years FP1 is a silver badge
    4years FP1 is a bronze badge
    5years FP1 is a golden badge
    3 years FP2 is a golden badge (what will be the next step? I would make it a bronze one.)

  • The giving of badges
    I just think, that everyone getting a 4 or 5 years badge should get the lesser badges as well (as everyone having the phone for 5 years has it for 3 and 4 years as well). At the moment, that’s not the case.

I know, it’s just a kind of aesthetic thing I stumbled upon, so please don’t take it too seriously, I really don’t care, if it’s ignored.


I have the classic case of ‘I’ve had this axe for 25 years - 3 new heads and 5 handles - great axe, I’d never replace it!’…

My wife got her FP1 in September 2014 through Phone Coop. I replaced the (broken) screen buying a replacement from FP, and then again using a ‘bricked’ phone bought on ebay; I bought a FP1 for myself when my old phone needed replacing in 2016 from ebay (advertised as ‘for parts’ but with a little coaxing it came to life).
My wife’s power button died (on the FP!) so I cannibalised the other parts from the bricked phone (had to un-brick the motherboard and sort out IMEIs), then the screen smashed (again). We had a discussion about looking after sensitive IT equipment and I found a Sony (with Android 6) on ebay about the same size as the FP1 (size matters!) - she’s smashed the glass screen protector but the phone is still intact… I am dreading the idea of trying to repair that phone!
I am still using ‘her’ FP1 with the screen off my ebay phone (GPS never worked on mine so I wanted to swap), and have upgraded it to Android Kitkat. Would thoroughly recommend Kitkat in terms of performance, but a few minor quirks to get used to.
So nearly 5 years on the ‘same’ FP1 :slight_smile:
Not much of this would have been possible without the help and support of this Forum, so if there are any badges being handed out… there are more deserving people out there!

Any sign of a FP3 on the horizon? Would like it to be small, preferably indestructible (!) and 2 sims. Oh, and easy to repair if it’s not indestructible. No need for anything more fancy in my opinion.


FP1U here - since July or August 2014. I cracked the screen a few weeks ago (AARGHH) but it’s not too obvious. And I have to do a workaround to upload Strava routes (Android 4 no longer supported) but most of my favourite apps work fine.

The strangest thing is the charging socket - it’s always been a little temperamental and will only charge from one particular (broken) HTC cable. No other cable will work, but hey… he’s an old man, so he’s allowed to be eccentric :smiley:


I still intensively use my second batch FP1U. I ordered it in May, 2014, got it in August, 2014. I’ve used 2 original batteries since then, got a replacement now. I have to position my FP1 very carefully to charge it and (obviously) he’s quite slow. I’m running Android 4.2.2, cause I never dared to install 4.4. However, I’m still happy with it, though I’m really looking forward to the FP3, to be able to use all new apps as well.