My FP has a life of its own...!

Once in a while - and not too rarely - my FP starts a life of its own. Meaning that buttons get pusched randomly like it is remote-controlled. That can even lead to phone calls that I don’t want to make. Sometimes it is so bad that I can’t even interfere to switch it off. I then actually have to take out that battery. This is rather scary!
I’ve downloaded ‘VoodooCarierIQ’ and ‘SecDroid’ from F-Droid, but that doesn’t seem to help.
Does any of you have an idea?
Thanks for your help!

Here are some topics you might be interested in. I don’t think, there’s an easy solution:


Wow - thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll try that. Good to know that I’m not alone with this. :grinning:

I also have this problem from time to time. It normally stops when I turn it off and on again. I reported it to the support people and they sent me an update but it needed to be done via USB which I didn’t have a lead for. I’m hoping this will be included in the next update…

The links to the other posts dealing with this problem are quite a good troubleshoot. If you have further doubts, please reply there.

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