Ghost touchscreen prob and boot issue - help!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having big problems with my Fairphone over the last week or so (I’ve had it barely a week and a half), and any help would be appreciated, as excitement has quickly turned to frustration, which is a shame!

The first, and biggest issue is ghost presses on the touchscreen. It started off just affecting Facebook, and now is present in pretty much every app I use, including the OS sometimes. I would say it’s happening about 605 of time I’m using the phone, and I’m at a loss as to what might be causing it.

I’ve seen this in some other threads, particularly this one Buttons pressed randomly and have investigated some of the reasons cited. The problem persists whether or not it is plugged in a charger. Grounding myself due to static electricity possibly affecting it hasn’t produced any results. Finally, booting into the debug mode and testing the touchscreen produces no ghost touches and the checks perform as expected.

The second issue is that after powering the phone down, trying to start it up only brings up a blank screen and the backlight comes on. The only way round it seems to be taking the battery and out and putting it back in again. Sometimes it even happens when the phone is on and the phone goes into sleep briefly.

Can anyone help? What on earth do I try next?

Next step would be to re-install FP OS, I believe. Be sure to make a complete system backup with an app like Titanium Backup. (Not the preinstalled one).

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Thanks for the advice - I’ll give that a go, and see where it takes me…

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Hi again,

Unfortunately, reinstalling the OS as per these instructions - - hasn’t fixed the ghosting problems, which resumed pretty soon after completing the process. Anything else I can try?

I would recommend to try it with FP Service.

I don’t think its a software related problem.

(I had something similar with my palm pre, there the screen has to be changed)