My Fairphone has arrived today. Is it a 3 or 3+?

My Fairphone has arrived today, but I’m not sure it is a 3+, I think it may be a 3. How can I check this? And if I do have a 3, is it worth worrying too much about? Or will I regret not getting the 3+?

Where did you buy it? Used or new?
Did it come with (FP3) or without (FP3+) bumper?

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I got it from Vodafone and it had no bumper.
I just noticed that under “Device Name” and “Model & Hardware”, it says FP3. Rather than FP3+.


How does the backside look?
The FP3 is ‘semi see through’, the FP3+ solid.
I guess because both phones are basically identical, they might identify in the settings identical. But I can’t check, as I ‘only’ have the FP3.


The FP3 and FP3+ are basically the same phones, except for the cameras, which are of better quality for the FP3+ and are easily recognizable by their white rim around them. And the FP3+ has a more powerful speaker.

The software inside is the same, which is why it is the same model name in the settings.


Hopefully you are comfortable with your purchase, and as pointed out for the FP3+ the rear camera has a white rim and the back of the phone is opaque.

There are other diffs, the bottom speaker module is updated and with it some hardware on the core module.

Upgrading FP3 cameras can be done but not the audio improvements.

For specs on each see

If you are not happy you have 14 days to return to Vodaphone but you probably have the FP3+ which has no bumper as well.

Also note this is a user forum and if you have faults with the phone ensure you contact Vodafone and/or support@fairphone for advice etc.
Whereas there are many users here prepared to help you understand the use of the phone don’t delay in asking for official support for failures of the device, and ensure you have the latest update for the FP3 and FP3+


Thanks to everyone for all the comments above. It seems that I do have a 3+, so that’s all fine.

First thoughts, really pleased with it. It is a work phone, so I could have had an iPhone, Samsung or other make, but decided to go with Fairphone because of what it represents. I haven’t had an Android phone for a long time, 10 years plus probably. There is a little acclimatising to do after getting used to the iPhone but I like what I feel and see so far.


Just out of curiosity, in case you want to share that with us: What company do you work for? I wasn’t aware that there are companies that give out FP’s as work phones :star_struck:

You can determine it on the package which model you have. If it 's correct below the white Fairphone word it will say Fairphone 3+


My Fairphone arrived two weeks ago. I controlled in system settings - about the phone - model and hardware
There i read my serial Number the phone type FP3 and the hardware version FP3+


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