My Fairphone 2 Story

Want to share this with you. Helps someone maybe in the Decision to join the movement. Please excuse my bad english.

Got new Fairphone 2. Loved it, loved the idea. Worked bad, restarts 5 times a day, or turns off at night so i got no call at the morning. Had to lock screen manuelly when i call someone cause the sensor does not work. Battery very poor and getting very hot.
Did read in forum, so people said with new update it will be fine. No problem, i can wait, i know this is a little company.

About 05.03.2017
Update came, things worked a little bit better, but its still hard to use. Fine, small company, i try to live with that.
19.05.2017 Volume Buttons malfunktion, cant use touchscreen cause FP2 always turns louder. Needed Support, FP said motherboard malfunktion, sended my FP2 back to em.

29.06.2017 FP2 came back. Its not fixed in the parcel, display malfunction when i start it. Battery is getting very very hot. After the 5th try FP2 shows dead Android robot that 5 seconds when display works.
Called Support.

Support really tries to help me, they change my “new” FP2 against a “refurbished”. Ok, im not that happy about that, but i really need now a phone because i use old malfunction phones from my friends since months now. (Dont want to buy another because i want to believe the FP idea".

Last malfunction handy from my friends is finally dead. Buyed a new CAD Handy, because i hope this thing works forever. I have no hope that my FP will ever work.

New Fairphone 2 is here. Worked fine. Trying to sell it, because i have 2 “new” Handys now.
30.07.2017 Used it for 1 day because i really want to give it a chance again. At evening, my wife isnt hearing me after i called here. Checked diagnostic. FP2 crashes. Microfon and both Speaker malfunction. Called Support.

Support says bottom module has malfunktion. Send me new. Cannot laugh about this anymore.

Bottom Module is here. Installed it. No change. Called Support. No answer since now.

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Hey Christian,

You posted some time ago about similar problems and I offered you my help to get this sorted out.

Back then you said you didn’t want anyone from Fairphone to contact you. Has this now changed?
Please write me a DM with your contact details so I can get in touch with our support team to have a look at your case and what has gone wrong.

In the mean time I offer you my sincere apologies. Our company and devices should not put such a burden on customers and I hope we can help you.



I visited today the TMobile Store where i buyed it and tried to get out of contract. Not sure if they let me, i just want my money back and forget. You can not imagine how much time i wasted with this phone. I really tried to do something good to this world and wanted to buy a phone that i can use for more than 2 years.
The result is, this phone worked for 3 days all together fine. And i had to buy a new samsung because i need a phone.
I dont want a fairphone or any other phone instead of my FP2. I want my money back. And i use all ways to get this done, if T Mobile do not get me out of contract i will contact all papers here in austria to help me get this done. And if that will not work, i will go to court.

Thanks for contacting me,

@Christian_Doppler: @Douwe now twice offered to personally help you get your issue sorted out and again you don’t seem interested.
This is a community forum - where usually you only get help from other community members, but if you only came here to rant and won’t even accept help from an FP employee than there is really no point keeping you in this forum.
So what will it be?


At this point douwe cant help me cause as i told i have to wait now for T Mobile Reaction.
Just wanted to talk to the community. Maybe i can help others this way. If there is no point keeping me in this forum, only because i have to write negative experience with FP, than please kick me.

Of course Douwe can help you. Definitely more than Austrian newspapers or courts.


… I feel you.
There is a point when you just don’t want to spend any more time on trying to make your phone work properly.

Hey @Douwe,
not sure how i can send you an pm, hope its ok this way. Could you find a solution with Austrians T-Mobile?
They told me they are trying to contact fairphone to do so, maybe you can help me there.

Thank you much,

That’s why there is a 2-week refunding period. But to demand your money back after almost 9 months… I hope you see for yourself no court action will ever grant you that.
You can rely on your warranty of course, that’s valid for 2 years. But that only means you can get your phone replaced. I don’t think any company would refund you after 9 months.

In my view, you are “threatening” to contact newspapers to give Fairphone a bad name. All because you don’t want to use your warranty any more, even after @Douwe offered to help you multiple times.

If you don’t want to use your warranty, that’s fine for me. But why do you expect to be treated different from any other customer? Why do you think Fairphone should refund you? I really don’t see it. Of course, I understand you are frustrated and I can imagine you don’t want another new Fairphone. But that doesn’t change your legal rights, does it?


Don’t know if this is European or only German law: A company selling you a product has the right to repair a broken product three times within the warranty period. If the company is not sucessful with that after the third try the customer has the right to revoke the contract which includes every party gives back what they got from the other party (money back to customer, phone back to Fairphone). I’m quite confident that Fairphone knows that and is acting according to this. The only difficulty for Fairphone could be that the distributor who sold the phone is the actual contact for that kind of warranty issues - but they should know their rights and responsibilities, too.


I payed for a product that never worked, used warranty 4 times. Im pretty sure i have the right to stay back from contract and get my money back.

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