So much problems

I really need to tell this someone, cause i cannot reach Support.
My Fairphone 2 had so much problems from day 1 i bought it. I had all problems others have too, so i was really patient. Phone shuts down, front sensor not working, bad battery, Phone reboots without reason.
So from one moment to another phone shuts down, and i couldnt restart it. I did the support procedure, which worked fine first time. My phone came back “repaired”, battery and case where not fixed in the parcel, flying around from holland to austria. But it didnt seem to be damaged.

I put it together, started it, and suddenly its getting hot and i had display issues. After 10 seconds it crashes. That happens every time i restart it.
Now i cant reach support. I reopended the request, and no one is contacting me since 14 days. Sended emails, no answer.
I bought fairphone 2 on 5.01.2017 and i never had an working phone. Im so disappointed.
Im sorry, but i really had to tell someone about this. Thanks.