Music pausing (was initally Google Play Music pausing)

Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem as described here: Music Paused every few minutes

Tracks played from the storage which just pause randomly, sometimes many times per track, sometimes not at all. It’s a relatively new problem, starting early July.

I feel like it’s related to poor performance I’m seeing after the latest big android update, i.e. When it happens most, the phone seems more sluggish.

Any ideas on debug?

I had, as I posted in the thread you mentioned, the same problem. After a few month it disapeared as sudden as it appeared. I have no Idea why. There was no special update for google play nor for android and it was eather if i had mobile data on or the phone in flight mode. Today it appeared after certainly have a year again and I surely didn’t change any settings or updates or something else. It seems very random and I’m sorry but I haven’t a clue.

Sorry if I cursed you!

I have a support ticket in with Google about it. Cross fingers they can help somehow. I was out on a long run yesterday and it was stopping every few seconds on one particular album. Incredibly annoying.

This is still happening. I have an ongoing ticket open with Google about it, who seem just as confused.

I don’t think this is a Google play problem, Instead it is either an Android issue, or Fairphone hardware issue. I just installed Media Monkey to try instead of Google Play and had the sane problem! Only once so far, but I’ll keep using it and see if it still happens.

Do you want to try another media player and see if you have the same problem?

I’ve raised a support ticket.

Christ this is so annoying. Is it really just Dennis and I that’s having this problem? :frowning:

Perhaps for others to check this out there’s a little bit of input missing here …

  • What exactly does it say in Settings - About Phone - Build number?
  • Do you use a microSD card in the phone?
    If so …
  • You mentioned the latest big Android update (I guess from Android 5 to 6) … There should have been a choice of whether to incorporate the SD card into internal storage or to leave it as is as external storage. What did you choose?
  • If the SD card is external storage, where do you play the music from? Internal storage or SD card?

Did you try the hints from the other thread already?


FP2-gms-17.11.2 release-keys.

I’m using a microSD. It’s as external storage and that’s probably where I’m playing it from. I’ll test playing it from internal storage and see if the card is dying or something. (Helpful suggestion!)

My scenario is the same as Denis’s in that it’s an actual pause of the track, rather than it just being silenced. If I see the same problem definitely from local storage, I’ll try safe mode.

I played some music from internal storage through google play and it completely paused once needing me to press play again to start it. Not quite a valid test as I was using a Bluetooth speaker at the time but it’s identical to the other times.

I’m getting a new headphone bit of the FP2 to see if it helps. :confused:

I realised that during the period of the problem I’d already replaced the headphone socket (when I upgraded the selfie camera).

I restarted in safe mode and played music. It didn’t pause like normal, but would stop for a few seconds (between 2 seconds and 15 seconds) every now and then before continuing. Almost the same really, just not needing me to press play again to start it going.

@Dennis_Babel_Fisch Have you seen the same thing in safe mode?

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