Music Paused every few minutes

Hey Guys, as the title already describes, since a few weeks the music from Google Play Music on my Fairphone FP2 goes every few minutes in pause-mode. Just like i had pushed the pausebutton. Thats quite annoying. It’s very often, if I hear music via bluetooth, for example in the car, but not only then, even if I play music only without any cable or bluetooth-connection. Maybe there’s an association to cold temperature? I can’t imagine the reason, is there someone with the same issues? Thanks so far.

without any cable

?? your music is anywhere in the US A, so it could be the webconnection …

No, the music is on my phone, its no streaming.

Install another music-player - like “pretty good music player” - and compare. And then let’s talk some more …

I installed now Amazon Music Player and it’s the same issue. Now I think its a problem of OS and not of the player. I think it’s only after updating to 1.9.3. Thanks so far.

Both Amazon and Google want datas from you and this can make the music stop from time to time. Why don’t you install an easy lokal player ant try it with that without any connection to the web?

Ok. According to your posts, your setup is as following:

  • Music saved locally on your phone, not streamed
  • Music played via speaker, not via Bluetooth or headphone jack (I hope you disabled Bluetooth during your tests so there are no short-time connections to Bluetooth speakers.)

That eliminates many reasons why the music is stopping.

But I can imagine another reason why the music app is pausing: When another app is playing a sound. That can be even a silent sound you don’t hear. Try it with starting your music app and then playing a Youtube video in your browser: Your music app will pause the music automatically. (At me, the music will not play further even when the browser is closed, I have to press the play button.)

So try to close to close the other apps (click on the square and wipe the other apps away) before you start the music. If the music plays flawlessly then, the “problem” is caused by another open app.

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As I said, it has nothing to do with the web connection. The music is on both players local on the Phone or the SD-Card. The issue even comes up if I put the Phone in flightmode.

I observed the same a few days ago. Playback stops after a few minutes, and the Google Play app is paused afterwards. This used to work sometime before on the very same phone. So count me affected too.

What’s your problem? I told you from the beginning, that this has nothing to do with the web connection. I tried your advices and gave you feedback. No reason to be like that rude. Thats the reason why I hate writing in forums or wikipedia. Btw I told that the issue is not from the beginning and only since the update from OS. So why should this be a problem of the google player it self when it comes up on every other player and was no problem for half a year. the problem has to be in the Fairphone OS i think.

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To rule out any other interfering app (like @TobiasF suggested), you should boot into Safe Mode. If the issue persists, then the operating system or the hardware of your phone is the cause of the issue.

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Maybe first of all it helps if we assume that @Spielmops is trying to help as imo everybody here in the forum. At least this is my experience and - besides some FP2 general enthusiasm - the reason why I’m active in this forum (and only in this one). Additionally from my professional experience in IT I know the situation that some “it must be this” or “it can’t be that” changed after some more detailed discussion and clarification of - seemingly stupid - questions. And to be honest: I wasn’t always the one providing the solution. :disappointed_relieved: Anyway…

Best example from the last weeks (iirc it was also in temporal proximity with the FP OS 1.9.3 update) many users complained about crashes caused by the OS update - in the end it turned out that the problem was the latest Facebook app update.

On my FP2 I didn’t have the issue with 1.9.3 (didn’t test with 1.10.1 yet), however I’m using n7player as music player app. So the issue might or might not be related to the OS - to judge this I just don’t know enough about the internals of Google, Amazon and n7player music player apps.
However, in the past I experienced that sometimes Google updates components (e.g. play services) in the background and not using the “regular” update paths (i.e. app update in Play store). So it might be as well a combination of two (or even more) factors that need to be sorted out.

So I second the suggestion that testing another music player app, e.g. from F-Droid (or the test version of n7player), might be worth a shot.

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Hey Guys. Sorry for not answering last days but I was on holidays. Thanks so far for your advises. Of course everyone wants to help here, but the condescending tone sometimes made me a bit upset. Anyway, I tried it with the safemode. No problems so far.

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