Murena Fairphone 4 now available for pre-order

No respecting me asking for the rom. Maybe someone knew something. But I will have to wait until it arrives.

We do know that this in fact is not the case :wink:

“Starting from today, ‘MURENA’ is going to be used to call all our commercial products: smartphones with /e/OS, premium cloud plans…”

“We are not abandoning ‘/e/’ totally. We will continue to call the operating system that we develop as ‘/e/OS’.”

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damn makes it rather confusing. But its their thing and good to know thx

Bummer no speckled one in the /e/os store :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope it’s a special only from the


Yes I saw it and like that design haha … hopefully we get an easy installer soon.

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From experience I’d say this is a tricky one. In the past it was up to volunteers to add support for a new device to the easy installer. I’m not saying there might be no-one up to the task, but most of the time I’ve only seen people asking for it but next to nobody contributing to it.
Sure, the FP4 is sold with /e/ OS preinstalled so one might think it’s kind of “official” and the /e/ team will do the necessary changes. But the FP3 was also sold with /e/ preinstalled and there I was the volunteer. The /e/ devs were supportive, no doubt about that, still it wasn’t them who did all the work.


Thanks for the info, installing manually should also works for me :slight_smile:

Please note you can easily turn a green FP4 into a green speckled one – you can get a green speckled back cover in Fairphone’s spare parts shop, and that’s all the difference between a green and a green speckled FP4. However, that “special” back cover costs 25 instead of 20 Euros.


OK, but after a period of time all covers looks speckled automatically… :wink:

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Are you a painter :upside_down_face:?

That is a creative solution thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m curious to know what you call restrictions and paternalism from /e/OS.


My namesake got the message from Murena that /e/OS for the FP4 is estimated to become available for download mid-January.

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Surprising that the comment you linked to is no longer available :wink:

Only here about AntotherElks linking.

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Related question about 5-year hardware warranty of FP4 Murena:

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