Multiple troubles with my fairphone

Hi, I have various problems with my fp2 since one month. Actually it fell down 3months ago.
The main problem: I can’t connect properly my phone to my computer since few weeks and even if it seems to detect with a sound the usb cable- Then I can’t see any FP2 item on my desk! This is very anoying.

Sec. problem: The internet connection/access often fails while I am on telegram as the screen stops and switches off. When I record a vocal message it also fails and switches to another recording process.

The 3 problem: I can’t answer any call as I cannot see the phone page when the phone rings! So people leave me a vocal message but it gets annoying when it is for work…

I would like to add that I updated my phone to the 22.02.0-rel.0 one month ago more or less.
Thanks in advance for your answer,


Have you set the USB connection type to “File transfer” on your FP2? This is necessary each time you connect the FP2 with a computer, it will revert to “Only charging” on the next connection.


Is this on Wi-Fi or on mobile data or on both?

Might be a permission problem of the phone/dialer App. At least something like this came up before … Search results for 'answer call permission fp2' - Fairphone Community Forum … but I don’t know whether it works 100% the same in recent Fairphone OS/Fairphone Open OS.


Thanks everyone for your quick answers.
I think my phone works only wifi. So what can I do then?

My phone is on open OS. Is there a difference beween OS/open OS?!
I will have a look at this topic, thanks!

For Urs, where can I find the File transfer in my FP2? I cannot remember :confused:

Anyway Thank you warmly all and have a nice day!

When you have connected the phone with the computer with the USB cable, swipe down from the top of the FP2 screen (the “notification bar”). There should now be a message at the bottom of a listing that says something like “Phone is charging. Tap to find more options” (the exact wording might be a little bit different). When you tap on it, it should give you 2 + 5 options or something similar.


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