Phone not connecting incoming or outgoing calls

I’ve searched ion the forum but unsure whether I’m looking in the correct categories or with the right terms.

I am seeking advice re. calls insomuch as the screen shows that the call is ringing out but there’s no sound and it eventually shuts off.

However, I can’t receive calls either. They may ring a little but when I swipe, they don’t connect and then I get a voicemail notification. I managed to listen to one voice mail but it has been problematic.

I don’t have a spare FP2 to try my SIM or anything else on, and I am unsure of the technical details of the phone (so if OS etc is required, please explain to me where I need to look!) I swapped the SIM from 1 to 2, and it is relatively new as I replaced it just a few months ago. I have had similar problems in the past, hence why I consulted the search first.

My thanks in advance (I may not see replied immediately but any help would be greatly appreciated!)

If you didn’t already, you might want to try whether turning off the phone (real shutdown, not just a reboot) and turning it on again does anything.

If you happen to have Fairphone Angels in your vicinity (see #angelsmap), you could ask whether they would be able to take a look at the phone in person.

Who’s your provider, and in which country?

What exactly does it say for you in Settings - About phone - Build number, or (if the former isn’t there) in Settings - System - About phone - Build number?

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I have turned it off and on again but nothing changes. It has been shutting itself down quite a lot and there have been problems with apps freezing too.

It’s the Co-op and I’m in the UK.

Ah yes, thank you for the reminder about the info! Build number: 22.02.0-rel.0

Two possibilities come to mind:


Thank you for your reply. I’ll have a look at how to clean the contacts.
I’ll need to spend extra time reading through the information on the SD card as I’ve only had a brief look. In the settings > storage screen, all that I can see is that 54% has been used!

In that case I presume no SD card has been installed. If one were present, I think information would be shown just below the info on internal memory.

I suppose it’s just possible that the “Phone” app has lost permissions to make and receive calls for some reason, though in both the versions of Android I have available to check on, neither will allow the permission to be withdrawn, understandably. It’s something that might be investigated if other possibilities fail to get results.

You might read through some of the posts of other people with call problems. And here is one from another FP2 user after upgrading to the same build number that you are using.


Thank you; the advice provided has given me enough to be getting on with at the moment. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that one of the suggestions work!

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