Multiple System Information tools tell the Battery has 2000mAh

But there is a 3000mAh Battery installed. Could this please be corrected in the next OS Update?

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Perhaps you could install AccuBattery, available on the play store, and see the real state of the battery. Is 2000 mAh shown as real capacity or theoric capacity? Perhaps your battery is defective.
I may also be wrong, I don’t have a FP3. Perhaps it is just a mistake that will be corrected in the next upate. I’m just doing a few suggestions.

Hello @rubberduck ,
like suggested by alex21, I just installed AccuBattery. On my FP3 the battery is said to be 3,060 mAh.
Could you check yours as well ?

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The App “Ampere” and more show 2000 mAh.
The App “Telefoninformationen v12.6”, too.

If they show this as max capacity, your battery is defective. I think AccuBattery will tell you the same, but it would nevertheless to be interesting to have a confirmation.
Please contact Fairphone support with these pieces of information if your phone is still under warranty for your battery to be replaced.
Otherwise, buy a new battery.

If you want, you could contact a #fairphoneangel to test another battery and be really sure, but I think this is sufficient evidence of the defect.

Please don’t tell me that my battery is defective as everything else regarding the battery is just fine. 2000mAh is being shown by at least 2 Tools incorrect. Is this a Problem with the device description files in the firmware or of the Apps? AccuBattery wants to watch my battery for a while to show its capacity.
I ONLY mean the “Design-Capacity” which is shown by the mentioned two tools wrong.

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I don’t understand.
Ampere for example, doesn’t show you the theoric capacity (which is 3000 mAh), but calculates the real capacity of the battery. On my FP2 for example, it shows 2420 mAh as real capacity instead of 2400. So if it tells you that the maximum capacity is 2000 mAh instead of 3000, I don’t consider this normal…
I would recommend you to let AccuBattery watch your battery for a bit.

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AccuBattery and Ampere both show me 2000mah as well, will contact Fairphone with my issues

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And you confirm you have no other issues?
Two people having the same problem is sort of strange. So indeed you should both contact Fairphone support I think.

Oh yes quite a few (Bluetooth, random reboots, microphone). Was going to contact them anyway

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For reference:


Maybe measure again after a few days. When I opened AccuBattery again after a day it showed 2950 and not 2000 mah


I am talking about the not mesured but read from system Battery Design Capacity. This is shown as 2000mAh

I had a look at the reviews for AccuBattery, 1 Star reviews only.
The Problem that it shows random capacity is mentioned in half the reviews.
Some of these apps seem to guess, other drain the battery in a attempt to watch the capacity.

To make a real measurement you have to do it outside the phone. Charge and drain while measuring a few times.

If you have reason to believe you battery is damaged other than some (imho) questionable apps I would contact the support. A bad battery is one of the easiest things to fix.

I use AccuBattery, and it is recommended by users on this forum. It works very well, and I would take reviews from users too importantly.


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