Mp3s cut off randomly


I’ve had this issue with the default music player as well as a different one I downloaded.
I’m using a SD card to transfer music from my itunes library to my phone, which has worked so far. Now I have some songs that work fine on my mac and get shortened once I try to play them on my phone (e.g. one song is 7:00 but cuts off at 1:24)
I checked in file manager and it seems the mp3 files are still the same size as on my mac, so I don’t know why this is happening.

I’ve tried deleting the songs and transferring them again, still the same issue and the same place the songs cut off.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Ideas how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!

Did you quit the MUSIC app before you deleted and re-transferred the files?

Yes, didn’t change anything. When I open the app, first it displays the actual durations and when I play the songs it switches to the cut off versions and changes the displayed duration as well. Weird.

OK, then I haven’t got an idea right now :disappointed: I use the same stuff (iTunes on my Mac, simply transferring AAC files from HD to SD), but have never experienced your problem so far. My only issue is that it takes a few hours until MUSIC has read all music files from the SD card (128 GB) when I first launch MUSIC, so I never quit MUSIC unless when shutting down the phone altogether which I hardly ever do either.
I did find though that once MUSIC has recognized a music file, it is very hard to make it “unlearn” the track when you replace it (in my case, it was about cover artwork).

Okay I believe it might actually be a problem with the files itself by now because I never had that problem before and it’s all from the same CD.

You could also try an alternative Music App, like VLC?

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