Mp3 file problems - files are no longer played

OK, I do not understand my problem, so I try to describe it as best as I can:
Kola Nut 1.8.5
Storage update not yet installed (The thing with the internal storage divided in two parts)

mp3 files are used as ringtones and music is runing under the installes music player and google music player.

Three days ago, mp3 files are no longer played. Not under the two music players, nor as ringtone or Whatsapp notification. But not all of the times. Sometimes they start, sometimes not. They even stop during play and are not willing to go on or start new.

I don’t really have an idea, why this happens. The ringtones were changen back to one of the “system sounds”.

Does anyone have an idea or the same problem?

Sorry about my poor english usually I use German…


We can switch to German, if you prefer.

It might be that (a) your software got messed up (good) or (b) that your internal memory is breaking down (bad).

Case (a) would be a minor problem because you can fix this by yourself by installing Fairphone OS again, which only updates system files, but your user data stays untouched, or doing a hard reset, which erases all data.

In case (b) you need to arrange a repair. In this case you should better contact Fairphone Support. They will know best what to do.

OK thank you - lets stick to english for the rest of the users…

I think I’ll go for your option a) and hope to solve the problem.
But I’ll go a different way:
First I’ll update to 1.8.7 and if the problem still is there I’ll install the storage upgrade -which starts with a complete reset.

I hope that the phone will run by that time…

Thanks for the hints

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