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Hi Fairphone community,
Im Form Germany but i hope you unterstand my english. I just want to know how to move apps from the phone to SD card. I tried a lot. I tried different apps like link2sd. But they say there is no second partition on my phone so it doesn’t worked. And I also tried to uninstall an app and then select SD card as usual storage and installed the app again. But my phone saved the app on the internal storage although SD storage was selected.
So here is my question how can I move an app from internal to SD storage?
Please help me

There is an old topic about this with app suggestions, but no other solution unfortunately.

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I think it worked for me. I just manually went into the folder and moved it. So, go to File Manager, Choose Phone Storage, go to Android, Then “data”, then you press the three dots to the right on the screen, and you get three options: Select file or folder, Hide hidden files, and Sort. Choose the first, then select the ones you want, the name of the app should be inside of the name, i.e. I have, and that is Skype. Then you can choose the scissors/cut, and then you go to SD-card, And I just made a folder Called Android with Data(big first letter, the original is small first letter) and then I just copied it into that folder(when you go to Data, there is a sign betweeen the search and the three buttons, a paper with a clip on it or something, choose that and it goes in that folder). And for me that has worked.


Thanks a lot for your help! It works and Im happy :smiley:

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