Can't move apps to sd-card


I can’t move any app to the sd-card. There is no such option in the details of the app and in the app “Clean Master” says that my phone doesn’t support the possibility to move apps to the sd-card. How can I fix that?

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Oh, it’s a FP2.

HI @madloom

As far as I know there is no default option to move apps to the SD-card. You could try some apps from the play store, but use them with caution ! For example: this one, or this one.

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I used to use Supermanager, but with the FP having so much space I no longer see the need to move the apps to SD. I’d much rather use the SD to store my photos/music etc. Each to their own :wink:

thank you very much for your support! and sorry for the late answer. it’s true that it is not urgent to move the apps to the sd-card, but in general i want be able to decide for myself where the apps should be installed, if technically possible. :wink: i will have a look on the apps you suggested.

@madloom: did the suggested apps work on the Fairphone?

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