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Protecting an FP4 is no easy feat. The soft cases sold by FP do not look protective enough, the screen protectors are not for me (privacy not needed when watching a video with someone, blue filter not wanted as it affects colours). plus the prices are quite high for these, eventhough I would like to support FP by buying accessories, but they shoud also match my needs. So my questions would be:

  1. How happy are your with the FP4 soft cases? Would they really help with a drop from 1,5m on a hard surface?
  2. Are there cases on the market that are tailored to the FP4, preferably with cutouts for the cameras and a cover flap (no pouches)? I searched the internet for days and couldn‘t find anything (even Amazon, brrrr, has no great offer). Unfortunately, i‘m not into 3D printing.
  3. Are there other phones on the market wirh identical dimensions?
  4. Could you recommend a simple, transparent screen protector? Has anyone experience with Brotect that offers FP4 ones?
    Thank you for any hints!

Anna Treurniet’s cases are literally tailored to the FP4, but come at a handcraft price that I guess you might find too high.


Thanks for the suggestion. I saw these before and the price tag is sort of okay, considering the materials used and the low sales volumes the FP4 might generate. what is odd with those cases is the fact that the phone is only held by sticky tape. I would assume that the phone gets loose after some time and that the stickiness is reduced when removing and re-inserting the phone. The better option would be a leather case with a fixed, inner plastic case that would hold the phone tight. Maybe I‘m looking for an uber-combination of things…

This universal sleeve could possibly fit? It has a silicone shell. Since it doesn’t have a cutout for the camera, you’ll have to slide it up to take pictures.

Have you seen these topics


I have seen some of these post, thanks for re-posting them here.

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After giving it all a bit of thought and given that my parents, who I‘ve bought the FP4 for, absolutely adore their new phone and treat it with great care, I went for the Brotect Airglass (great insights in the forum links above) and registered for the FP green soft cover that is currently out of stock (has anyone received one yet?). Another link that might help is a good overview from Etsy where I might personally have gone for the great Italian leather pouch.


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