Fairphone Wallet cases, whats out there, whats good, experiences, mods, etc


I dont have a Fairphone just yet, mainly because i NEED a wallet case for my phone, and Fairphone doesnt have anything official yet. I have found an Etsy store that sells them (Anna Treurniet) and those seem good, but im hesitant about the sticky tape solution they use for attaching a phone.
So mainly im asking:
-To anyone who has those Etsy cases, how long lasting are they?
-Has anyone stuck a Fairphone official “Case” on the sticky tape, and thus “Mod” the wallet case to have a more conventional way of attaching a phone?
-Has anyone found any better wallet cases with more traditional silicon/rubber cover for your phone?

Im thinking of getting a Fairphone 4, so i dont think theres any other cases out there for it than those Etsy ones, and no ones really had that much experience with those, but if someone has had an older model for years now, that would tell me something of the quality.
And if someone out there is planning to make some cases, im specifically looking ones with just one hinge to open and close the “lid” and not ones where you can bend the case into a stand at a secondary hinge.
Cant imagine using a phone without a wallet case, its a better grip than those pop sockets, and really adds to longevity of the phone.

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