Module caméra not connecting (back camera)

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Hi everyone. I have an issue with my fairphone and wanted to know if more people are in my case. I bought my fairphone in May and received it in June 18. Just one month after the camera module started not working. It was saying it can’t connect and the screen is covered by coloured and black lines… Fairphone sent me a new camera module. It had the same problem. Then they replaced my phone and the new one had the same problem… So all the modules or fairphone I had had the same problem with their back camera. Did anyone faced the same problem? How did it end for you?
I am asking some help on the forum as well because I don’t feel so helped by the fairphone support. They are very slow to reply and I cannot use my phone properly during that time. I am really disappointed.
I ask the support if I could return my phone and be refunded but they told me the value of my phone is now 399 euros whereas I bought it 525euros. My phone phone started to have problems since the first month I got it. And they found out I was not responsible for it when I returned my phone. Did someone experienced something like this? I don’t find it normal as I was not responsible for the problem and it has been proved. Why should I pay for the mistake? My only mistake was to buy a fairphone 2…
Is there someone in the same situation. Thank you a lot for your help!
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