Mobile Internet (O2) stopped working

Hi folks!
I am desperately looking for a solution. When I got the FP2 in 2017, I manually set the APNs and everything was fine.
A few weeks ago, mobile Internet stopped working when I went abroad. I tried to fix it, among others by removing the SIM card and putting it back in, but without success. Even worse, the mobile Internet still does not work now that I am back home (Germany). I am not sure if my “old” APN settings had been deleted by removing the SIM card? Well, I tried all the different APN settings I found online on the various pages and here in the Forum (like APN configuration for my Fairphone 2 @o2 to establish mobile data connection in Germany and 🇩🇪 Schwierigkeiten mit der Installation von Zugangspunkten (APNs) beim Faiphone 2 …).

Could there be any other reason for this problem? (other than the APN? I do not want to order a new SIM card just to find out that it still does not work …) Advice & suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Could be a configuration issue on O2’s end, already tried to call them?

O2 APN guide (in German):

Thanks for the answers so far. The APN guide from O2 doesn’t feature the Fairphone :wink:

Well, somehow I got it to work (after some reboots?), but I only get Edge connectivity (and its not due to the network coverage). Maybe this indicates that it’s indeed a problem on O2’s end? So I will try to contact them.

Have a look Google Pixel as I believe it has the same android version as the Fairphone 2.
(Google Pixel 2 is on android 7.)
“Gehst du mal nach
Einstellungen → Drahtlos & Netzwerke → Mehr → Mobilfunknetze, dort „Bevorzugter Netzwerktyp“
Steht deine SIM Karte auf 4G?”
I have just seen a Fairphone with only one sim inserted that was still on 2G instead of 4G.

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If O2 knew how a Fairphone ticks, it could also automatically configure it via SMS.

Es gibt auch ein paar Tipps bei O2:
Es gibt auch eine Service-Nummer, die auf eingehende SMS mit einer Konfig-SMS antwortet. Aber wie gesagt, O2 schafft keinen Auto-Konfig eines Fairphone…

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