Mobile Data with Fairphone 2 abroad doesn't work? Fixable - or case for recycling?

Hello there!
I owe a fairphone 2.

I had searched the forum before I left to Germany/Austria/Switzerland for this, to see if I could resolve the mobile data issues I had the last time as well. I updated duly to the latest Android.

On leave though mobile data rarely worked – it was random for instance that in Vienna City i had no mobile data, whereas slightly outside it worked for a second - allowing me to purchase my bus ticket.

Overall, the phone after all these years is not that reliable. Switching off at times, running often out of battery etc., the speaker/mobile charging module was broken (which I replaced - which addresses the former but the charging still causes slight trouble at times).

The camera isn’t that great either, as many of you will know – light/shadows and focussing are difficult on the camera., I was about to replace the camera module too, but the mobile data thing makes me consider whether i should spend more money on replacing components or whether i have to bite the bullet and get a new fairphone instead… I was happy to just go on with the old camera for this long (close to ten years) and with some other quirks, but the data part is crucial when you are abroad trying to find your way or stuck on a train without wifi.

I’d be grateful if people could advise on:
– Is the mobile data fixable? (I udpated Android, I checked APN, is there anything else I am missing)
– Would people recommend given the above to let go and just get a newer fairphone instead

Thanks guys!

Hi cgrid,

Did you check that mobile data is activated when roaming?
Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Roaming

Did you check with your network operator (in your home country)? They might be able to advise. I’m supposing that mobile data is working correctly in your home country?

For the charging problems (you say still slight trouble at times) you might clean the battery contacts (both on the battery and phone) with a cotton bud and high-grade alcohol (ideally isopropanol). That helped with my FP2.

As for changing, it sounds like the FP2 has done pretty well. You might be able to sell it on for a modest amount if you decide to change, and don’t want to keep it in case of problems with the new one.


Are you using two SIM cards? Only one (you can select which) can use 4G/3G, the other just 2G.


Hi there!
Thanks for the prompt response.

Yes roaming was activated. Hence it puzzled me that it would not work in vienna city center but did work briefly 2km distance from that point (by chance) it seems. It did not work at all in Germany when on the train back to NL.

I should perhaps also say that I am with Lebara (NL), in case it makes a difference.
I am only using one sim card.

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Just a probably not helpful comment: Train+germany=no Internet, thats normal🙃

So when it works in general in NL there should be no issue with the Antenna. My FP2 had no issues while travelling, however I think I always had to manually select a network it did not log in to any network automatically. The other thing, many countries disable 2G or 3G, dont know the status in Austria. Have you enabled 4G?

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There is no 3G in Germany indeed and 2G internet is hardly working in many places, so you should make sure that 4G is on.

In my experience (with an FP2 with Dutch SIM) 4G works on many ICE routes, except in tunnels. There are a couple of routes such as Ulm-Augsburg where there is almost no connection, but in general I can use my phone in the train.

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My experience, living in AT
Mobile data (H+) with Austrian Provider A1 works flawlessly
FP2 on LOS 17.1, 1 SIM

Haha fair play on the Internet in Germany :slight_smile: And now add fires on the traintracks that are becoming normal too… eek.

Yep, 4g is enabled and I see it at times next to the connection icon. Thanks a lot though for that point hopefully I can get to the bottom of this, I really would rather keep my FP2 than swap it for a newer model.

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