Mobile data connection breaks after few minutes

Since several weeks I have severe trouble with mobile data:

  • It used to work fine for several years
  • I do have SIM (Telekom) and eSIM (1&1)
  • When the error occurs, I do not get mobile data connection anymore, I can switch the provider/SIM, I can reset network, I can change or reset APN, I spent days and nights reading the web and troubleshooting the problem but nothing helps
  • What does help is to reboot the phone, then the mobile data connection is working find for a few minutes until it stops working out of a sudden. Then both mobile icons in the top bar show an exclamation mark. Chrome says it is offline, messengers not working, etc.
  • I also rebooted my phone in “safe mode” and observe the exact same error.
  • Sometimes when I reset some network settings, the mobile data connection comes back for some seconds or a minute but then gets broken again.

I conclude the following:

  • It is not a general outage or data limit issue of any of my mobile internet service providers!
  • The problem occurs with and without 5G enabled.
  • It is not that my hardware (mobile chip) is generally broken but still it is unclear to me if I have a hardware or a software issue.
  • The error happened closely to a Fairphone update but I can not tell for sure that it is related. Since then I got another minor update and that also did not make it better or worse (I hoped it would fix the problem but it did not.
  • WiFi is working fine so I have a workaround when at home but no internet on the road is a big issue for me.

What can I do? Is there an app that can show logs and give detailed diagnose infos?
If Android cannot connect to mobile network, there should be some kind of error message but all seems to be carefully hidden to the end-users. I would like to trace down further and know if I do have some hardware damage or a software issue.
I just installed “Logcat Extreme” and see some warnings with “Parcel: Expecting binder but got null!” but have no clue how it is related. Only errors I see are from OpenGLRenderer what does not seem to be related at all.

Can you please share your exact OS version?
Maybe I missed it in your description: in case you use only one SIM (and eject the other one from the beginning), does the problem also happen (i.e. it happens on both SIMs configured from the start and with the other SIM not included)?

I am experiencing the same problem, I have trouble using different apps and I have also realized that it is the mobile network that is malfunctioning. To solve the problem, I have to restart the phone. However, it’s very tiring…

There is a problem with Telekom at the moment. Fairphone is working on it, as explained in the following message.

The topic here is about the FP4 however you linked FP5 information (only applicable for Germany )
So not sure this is connected.

@jamesmcstrid a few more details would be helpful

Can you please share your exact OS version?

Android 13

Incredible. I switched of my eSIM and WiFi and using my Telekom SIM, I am now online for already more than 30 minutes. So I guess this is a workaround and may help to trace down the problem further. While I can not receive calls on my other number, this is already helping a lot as when I am lost in the wild, I can get Internet this way. Thank you for this hint.
Also this implies to me that my hardware is not broken what is good news for me.

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Your OS version is up-to-date. That’s good.
And great that you’ve found an “emergency workaround” for now. Maybe you’ll even need some more testing to get closer to the root of the problem…
I suppose it’s time to contactsupport.

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Android 13

What additional information might be relevant to know for further investigation?

You gave more or less no Info. What is your set-up, SIM,eSIM, dual SIM? The provider? Does the workaround found by thr OP helps?

I have an eSIM (Telia) and I have the same problem as Jorg_Hohwiller, but I haven’t troubleshooted as extensively. The symptoms are the same, Chrome says I am offline and apps requiring data just keep spinning. What works for me is restarting the phone, I haven’t found any other way to get past the problem. Whether WiFi works or not, I haven’t had the chance to test, but I only experience the problem when I’m out in the city (without WiFi), for example when I need to start the apps for parking or retrieve entrance tickets for various events.

I would start checking the APN and maybe get in contact with the provider.