5g Network not working with Telekom Germany after A.127 update

Hello @Andreas_B , thank you for the hints. Since I am using WIFI 80% of the day, I simply have to wait until my provider Deutsche Telekom has uploaded the fix. Literally, I can wait and live with LTE+ instead of 5G although I pay extra money for the “extra” speed if available. I most often don’t stream live 4k movies or series when I am Offroad in 5G data Neverland Bavaria.

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Maybe it is related to this post 5g Network not working with Telekom Germany after A.127 update - #9 by FrancescoSalvatore as it is blocked for Telekom but not for reseller like Congstar?!?

If blocked for Telekom only, Fairphone would be stupid.
Problem should occur for everyone using Telekom infrastructure. That includes subsidiaries like congstar as well as any unassociated reseller.
I cannot imagine the problem is related to Telekom as provider but not their technical infrastructure, so it would not make sense stopping the provider to distribute the update, but not the other users of the infrastructure.
If that happened i would ask myself… Well. Let us assume i would use inappropiate language.

Maybe it is simply a bad timing, but they know of this issue exactly from Dec 12th. So there was enough time before Christmas to look into it. They know exactly which frequency band and which provider causes the problem, so it should be possible to find the issue. You are right many people are in holiday, but why the Dec update could be integrated in this time but nobody can fix this problem? I give them time until end of Jan24, then i want to get my money back and switch to another brand. I lost very much trust in the updating process of Fairphone. After the big dissapointment with Gigaset before i think i go back to IPhone. I never had such software issues with my IPhone or CAT Phones before, and it is really sad that i now have software problems the second time within one year. Don’t get me wrong, until the faulty update, i was very happy with the phone. But at the moment this situation is only frustrating.

The latest update didn’t have any feature fixes included at all as far as I can see, “only” the security updates. I could imagine that for doing this you need someone who pulls in those changes, checks if anything is broken in a way that stuff won’t compile anymore, run a test bench, hopefully all tests pass and that’s it. For some real fixes you either need more time, the right expert not on vacations or alternatively a bunch of developers in high-talent low-cost areas without vacation days but the privilege to not have to go home at the end of the day…
Looking into what is part of the security updates I see components from Google, but also from Qualcomm, our chipset vendor. Let’s imagine they introduced the issue and Fairphone needs to work around that now, needs to get in touch with them or whatever. I doubt that the issue was introduced by a bored software developer and would just have to be reverted and that’s it.

Well, while I could imagine that it is somehow like what I speculated I would definitely like to know what it is really. But I can understand that a company needs to have at least a few secrets.

Call me naive, but in general I try to assume the good intent and people doing the best they can but without sacrificing their private life. But yes, talking about what they are doing would be helpful.


Dear all,
I apologize for the delay in the investigation, I can guarantee that we are working hard to find the root cause of this issue.

As a matter of transparency, I can explain some of the causes behind the time needed to properly fix the issue:

  • Systematically reproducing the issue is necessary for both root cause identification and reliability testing and, in this specific case, everything is complicated by the geographical nature of the bug, which only appears on a specific band combination and in specific areas; we have a partnership with a testing team in Germany, but they still need to travel to a test site every time we need a test run, making everything slower.
    We are trying to speed up the testing process by using, in parallel, a simulated network in a partners’ lab, but due to the Christmas holidays, they cannot be as efficient as they normally are (see point #3).
  • Fairphone does not own the entirety of the source code; in fact, it is only partially visible to us and/or to our OEM; this means that also changes in binaries (of which the modem makes large use of) are not visible, so we need to coordinate with the third-parties that deliver the binaries to properly assess where the issue might have appeared. Once again, this results in slowing down the investigation, unfortunately.
  • Christmas & New Year’s holidays have an impact on both Fairphone’s and our partners’ capacity.

Do not take the above as excuses, but rather simply a picture of the current situation.

We have received already a first potential fix, but it is still being tested so I cannot guarantee at this stage that it will solve the issue.
As soon as we have a viable and reliable solution, we will issue an extraordinary software update for those affected, of course.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the fault, I can only promise you that we are doing our best to solve it as soon as possible.

PS: the December SPL software update (TT40.A.131) was built before we were aware of the above-mentioned issue, just for clarity.


Hi Francesco, thank you. That is an answer i can live with. I really hope that you find a fix soon. Please hold me/us up to date, if you have new informations.

@FrancescoSalvatore Hi, another week is over without 5G in the Deutsche Telekom Network. So let me kindly ask if there is any progression made to fix this annoying bug?


Hi @Bastian19961996
we are currently still testing the solution, as it seems to fix the issue but also to, unfortunately, make other components unstable.

I will post here as soon as we have a stable solution.


Today we can celebreate the 1month birthday of the 5G bug for the DTAG network. And this tiny little bug get’s older and older… :frowning: (Sorry for the sarcasm but that’s very frustrating. Besides of this little damn bug i’m very satisfied with the Smartphone.)

Hello @Bastian19961996

I understand your frustration and I am suffering about the same issue here in Mannheim. But please do me a favour and be patient! Your weekly complaints are not helping speeding up the issue resolution. Fairphone is working on it, we have a feedback on a regular basis. We have a named contact. That’s more than other big players would offer!

Enjoy the weekend and best regards


Nope, every week a little hint that there is a problem, don’t hurt somebody. And i mean one month is a long time, that can be celebrated don’t you think :wink: . There are other options. This forum is not so public if i would post it under the Facebook posts, the public damage for potential new customers would be bigger. So i don’t stop it until it is fixed. :wink:

Just annoying for those reading and not at all adding any value to this topic here so not in line with forum rules which still apply to all of us.


What is annoying the time stamp, that one month is over now with no fix at all or what? The only thing to ensure something is fixed, is to hold the pressure high. You have a problem with a status report every week. Do you want to block critic? And that is the only thing i do every week, the status report that the issue still exist. That’s the only thing i can do for the moment.

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And we see other threads were no one replies and there is no fix after months. That’s not acceptable. But ok i will write nothing here, until 31.Jan. Then if it is don’t fixed until this date there will be a last reply.

This is also my last reply here: Is there any chance that the support can answer tickets faster? Still waiting since 4 weeks.

Back to topic :smiley: As I see on this page https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/11351328932497-Update-to-the-latest-Fairphone-OS there should be an update with December patch. So far I didn’t get it. Is this because of blocking updates for Telekom as a provider? If so I am interested in getting new security updates even if the 5G issue is not fixed.

You can change the SIM to another provider. I changed it to a O2 SIM, then i was able to install the current update.

But if the update is blocked for a good reason by your provider, that can lead to problems.

But it‘s not possible to separate one from the other.