Mobile data (4G) only working irreguarly on FP3

lately I am experiencing problems on my Fairphone 3 with mobile data (4G) turned on (using a dual SIM). After a currently unknown amount of time mobile data connections are not working any more, maybe after a day or so. Nevertheless, the mobile data connection icon on top of the notification bar is still there and even showing in and outgoing traffic (the two arrows switching). Unfortunately, there seems to be no data connection at all. This is not only occurring when using one specific app, but with several ones, so it is unlikely to be an explicit app issue.
The only workaround seems to be turning on airplane mode and after a short time, 20 seconds or so, turning it off again. But if you do not notice there is no connection, because the traffic icons are shown, you will just wonder why there is no reply or interaction anymore.
I have not found a solution for FP3 in this forum, yet.

Does anyone know how to fix it, so mobile data will working permanently fine?

Thanks in advance


I am experiencing mobile data turning itself off from time to time as well. Had it with Android 9 and still with Android 10. In my case the indicators of 3G/4G(LTE) do switch off. The only way to reactivate mobile data is to restart the phone.

Changed SIM card already. Had the telco reset my connection, reentered APN. Nothing helped so far. Must be a hardware issue.

Probably connected to this was another hardware issue that disconnected all calls after ca. 5 seconds. Had it repaired for this issue. But the disconnecting of mobile data still remains.

I guess another repair will not be successful and probably the mainboard is malfunctioning.

I’ve had issues with my Fairphone 3 occasionally dropping the 4G connection. Sometimes it’s dropping down to 2G or 3G and forcing the mobile signal type down to 2G or 3G only, and then back up to 4G seems to get it to select 4G again. I’ve had this with other phones too, so not a specific issue with the Fairphone.

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Same Problem here. Since update to Android 11 my mobile data uses GRPS or EDGE instead of 4G as before. Sometimes is totally disconnects. :((((

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I also have this issue traveling in Italy. I have to manually go into the settings and select the 4g version of the carrier (“automatically select networks” option of cell data) to fix it. This works until I leave the 4g area and then I have to repeat the same thing.

It happens a lot to me, and also to the 4 FP3 in use at my workplace !
We use different networks so I really think its related to the FP3. It’s actually worse since the Android 11 upgrade.
I Hope somebody can find a fix.
I tried resetting the APN but no change

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I found this workaround from another thread and it seemed to work for me! Let’s see if the fix stays.

Editb the workaround did not stay for me. For this reason I am setting data connection to be 3g only, which does not seem to disconnect as often. Once I return to Germany I’ll see if I still have this issue with 4g.