Mobilcom Debitel ships with a bunch of bloatware

Just want to warn other buyers that Mobilcom Debitel ships the phone with a bunch of (removable) bloatware.


Can you list the bloatware you found as a reference for comparison?


I remember:

  • my Mobilcom Debitel
  • tipico
  • amazon
  • a custom launcher with ads
  • a custom wallpaper

There were more but I already uninstalled them all, which I don’t recall


As they are removable, I wonder if a factory reset would have gotten rid of everything in one go. Feels like booting to recovery for a reset before even running the setup wizard could save some headache, …if it works.


I also bought my Fairphone 3 from Mobilcom… but there isn’t any bloatware as you mentioned…

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Same with me - got it from MD but no bloatware.

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I ordered two FP3 at Mobilcom Debitel on 09/24, they were delivered last saturday. Both had the following bloatware pre-installed:

  • 24 symbols
  • Amazon shopping
  • eBay Shopping and eBay partner attribution
  • Otto shopping
  • an app starter
  • Audible
  • Jackpot .de
  • Lieferando
  • my Mobilcom Debitel (Mein md)
  • Tipico
  • Waipu .tv
  • Wetter .com

On the packaging there was a note/seal “exciting apps included”…


That’s certainly worrying, does MD perhaps offer Fairphones with and without ‘exciting apps’ in their store?

Fairphone did include some third-party apps to sell phones through Orange France (see here) which are enabled based on the SIM card in the phone, but I don’t know of any deal with MD to include these apps. Maybe @Monica.Ciovica can find out whether Fairphone gave permission to MD to include these apps?


I have informed the team about this thread and waiting for a reply :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen any option to choose whether I want the FP3 with or without ‘exciting apps’. The only option was with or without a mobile contract. I choosed without contract, so maybe there is the difference?
Forgot to mention: developer options were enabled from the beginning (no need to tap build number 7 times), just as USB-debugging - is this normal on FP3 out of the box?

There is nothing on the homepage to indicate “exciting apps” .

They just provide some basic information on the phone. And they clai, to have the phone in stock and deliver instantly.

I had to tap 7 times (FP3 without any bloatware)

I acquired mine two days ago at a local MD store. It came with no bloat ware.


Hi all, just wanted to send an update on this thread. I have gather the info from the team and it seems that it is a standard procedure that mobilcom-debitel is doing for the majority of phones they sell.
It is nothing that we actively supported so this process has been stopped going forward. Apologies for any inconveniences created.


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