MMS ~ problems with receiving

My FP2 can’t open or download MOST mms (but occasionally can !)

I’ve never even tried to send an mms

Most, or all?

If you can’t receive mms at all, my guess would be that the APN settings are wrong.

What about those that don’t work? Do you get a message to log in somewhere, or can you simply not open them? Many providers switched to instead sending mms, just sending links to open them online. Super annoying, but was a response to a bug (I think Stagefright).

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Also, some providers only allow receiving MMS over their own cellular data network (meaning you won’t receive any whilst connected to WiFi.).

One other thing: if you used to have an iPhone, others may be trying to send iMessages (though this would mean you also have issues receiving SMS), which won’t work on android. In this case this may be useful:

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