Missing WiFi calling option / is gone


I have exactly the same screen as above.
Wifi calling is missing…

Could it be that this is also related to the SIM and provider. I use Vodafone in Germany. Are you also with Vodafone?

I don’t want to change the SIM everytime, but in the meantime this looks like the only solution.



Hi there,

Yes, I use Vodafone Germany as well. I’ve recently got a reply from the FP service team. They told me they are going to enable that function properly very soon. (Unfortunately they didn’t say how soon) They said the corona situation has delayed a trial phase they had to do first.

In the meantime you could try to put another SIM in the second slot. Maybe you can borrow it from a friend or so. You just have to put it in once and then you can access the WiFi calling option via this second SIM. Afterwards you can remove this SIM again.
With this trick you should be able to receive calls via WiFi. Sometimes I can call via WiFi and sometimes I can only receive calls. I haven’t found a pattern there yet^^

Hope I could help:)

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