Missing setting endless screen scrolling

I’m miss the option in my FP4 release A.175, in the “Settings for start display” the option for endless scrolling (swipe right from home screen).
Does anyone know if this was removed from Android 11 by Google or Fairphone or was that possibly a special option from my previous phone (Nokia 8.1 with last release Dec.21)

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Do you mean endless scrolling of the home ‘screens’ that does exist on A11

Will find settings :slight_smile:

I’m using the Nova launcher and it does exist on that.

Link to post on alternate launchers

Yes, that’s what I mean.
I didn’t use a “launcher” on my old phone. With the Nokia 8.1 A11 onstock this was a standard option. As far as I know, Nokia hasn’t made any changes/extensions of its own

I image that’s exactly what they did.

If you still have the phone you can check the launcher app name/version etc.

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Im pretty sure you used a Launcher, you just used the stock one from Nokia as you currently use the stock Launcher from Fairphone. With an App you will just use another one.

Very possible, or even probable :wink:

Yes, I still have the phone.
And if I knew the name of the launcher app (LOL), I would post that too

The default launcher on the FP3, which is what I have, is called Quickstep.

Settings > Apps and notifications > SEE ALL ## APPS


Quickstep in Version 11 is installed

On the FP4 and the Nokia 9 it seems

Quickstep is the true default native android launcher. On most phones, including the google pixels, quickstep is removed.

Interesting. On FP4 Quickstep Version 11 (only 11 w/o .xxx) is installed and on the Nokia 8.1 with last and final update from Dec.21, Quickstep with Version 11.0010.05 is installed

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Before I forget, first of all, thank you very much for your time and information, even if the question remains unanswered for me why the option is not there on the FP4. Especially since the same launcher Quickstep is used and even in a slightly older version.
I don’t think Nokia maintains its own version of Quickstep here, but anything is possible.

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This can only be answered by Fairphone (or Nokia) not us as user.

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