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How do I adjust my searching tool down under on my home screen to another app like Duckduckgo instead of Google? I already anabled the Google app but now the searchingtool isn’t working at all.

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Unfortunately I think you cannot remove the Google searching tool on home screen in Android AOSP (open source version of Android shared to constructors like Fairphone).
I read something like this in another topic, perhaps another community member could confirm ?

EDIT: just found it ! Kinda risky, I would not do this without further knowledge : Can you disable google searchbar on FP4? - #6 by Stanzi

For your information, you cannot remove date on home screen also.

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Not sure what you mean there.

However you could use a different launcher, the app that gives the format and layout to the home screen etc. I use Nova Launcher but here are some others.


If you want to change the search engine used for the widget after the first boot you need adb and have to use those commands:

That will reset the selected search engine and prompt you again to choose one.
As far as I know there still isn’t an easier way to do it… :roll_eyes:

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That won’t the remove the widget, just changes it to a dummy placeholder that does nothing when pressed.


Another launcher man be an alternative

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You can’t remove the Google Widget from the home screen of your original Launcher, I think. Here, for example, is my solution: Niagara Launcher. The screenshot is from my Fairphone 3+; you can download Niagara Launcher and the Legam Icons for your FP4 from the Play Store.

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