Missing Dual SIM settings for FP3+ /e/OS

Hi there,

I don’t find some of the necessary settings for Dual SIM use on my FP3+.

  1. How can I deactivate SIM1 or SIM2 on my FP3+, /e/OS version? I don’t find any other solution than removing the respective SIM card, but I can’t believe that there is no other solution… If there is not, Dual SIM for /e/OS doens’t make any sense for a combined professional and private Fairphone.

  2. How can I select a different ringtone globally for calls via SIM2?

  3. How can I select and save the preferred SIM per contact?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Hi there! I would be glad if I could figure out why the problem persists on my FP3+ using Android 10 and the current /e/OS version. I searched a lot and didn’t find the solution yet.

As I’m not sure if this is a FP3+ related issue or related only to /e/OS, I have only posted it in the e Foundation Community Forum.

If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thank you!!

This is most likely e/OS related, on my FP3 with FPOS Android 10, I can deactivate a SIM.
However I know this issue from my FP2 running Lineage OS.

However you cannot select different ringtones irrespective of which OS is used.

I also think its not possible to save a contact per SIM/phone number , but you would have to set the call options to “always ask which SIM to use”

Thank you. I already found out that I can’t select a ringtone per SIM, even with other OS versions. However, there are versions of /e/OS where I can select the preferred SIM per contact and deactivate a SIM. I’m still trying to find out why older versions of /e/OS have the respective options, other OS versions running with Android 10 have it as well - but my pretty new FP3+ does not have these options. Something like a table showing all different OS versions with all options that are available or not available would be perfect. But something like that doesn’t seem to exist yet.

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Hi, same problem here! we just updated OS on my fp3 to Lineage 19, and now I’m not able to deactive the sim cards any more, except if I remove them. With the older OS version, I could simply switch them on or off individually.
One card is my main card, the other I use very rarely, so I don’t want it to be active all the time - after all, It’s a tracker! And also, if I remove it and need it, well, I won’t have it in my pocket but at home.
Any suggestions if there is a way to solve this problem?
Thank you!

With LOS thats not possible since a longer time already so no I think with LOS there is no solution.

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thank you! Another of those changes that don’t really make sense unfortunately.

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