Missed call disables all LED notifications

On my FP2 using the FP2 Open OS, the notification LED is working nicely: white for missed calls, blue for SMS … but here is the problem: as soon as the phone receives a missed call while the screen is locked, the screen of course lights up to show the incoming call; the caller hangs up; screen goes dark again, and now the notification LED stays dark!


sms: I sent myself an SMS with the screen locked. Notification led starts to pulse in blue as expected. If then a missed call follows after that, the LED stays dark.

call: while the screen is not locked, call my FP2 (from a different phone), don’t touch the FP2. Hang up, a missed call notification is booked on the FP2. Now push the lock-screen/power button once to lock the screen. The white notification led pulses as expected while the screen is off. Now with the screen locked, give myself another missed call, don’t touch the FP2: the screen lights up to show the incoming call, call ends, screen goes dark, and the led notifications cease.

So in practice, I can never be sure that I have no notifications without hitting the lock-screen button: if at any time a missed call was received while the phone was unsupervised, any amount of notifications get “pushed out of the led”.

It appears to me that the process of lighting the screen up from being locked flushes all notifications out of the led. It might be considerd useful when the screen lights up from pushing a button, but is of course very detrimental when it happens from a missed call.

I can’t find any configuration for the led notifications anywhere, which would be nice, but there already are other topics for that…

Thanks for looking into this!

no reply at all? is this posted in the wrong place or something?


Well I do think it fits better in #software:fp-open, so I moved it, but that can’t be the reason why you didn’t get any replies yet.
It seems nobody who saw your topic had any ideas about it.
Then again only 39 people saw it so far.
I’m on lineage OS, so I can’t help you, but I don’t remember an issue like that from when I was on Open OS.

Ah, thanks, paulakreuzer.

In practice it doesn’t happen too often since most people these days seem to text rather than call anyway. But it’s necessary to be aware that sometimes the notification led is muted, so if I really want to be sure I have to light the screen…

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