Mildly loose/flexible camera bump plastic FP5

I have 2 small concerns about the build quality of my FP5 and am asking if it’s normal.

The plastic part of the camera bump is kinda loose. I can press it a little down at the edges or I can lift it up when I have removed the plastic back, but I cant take the plastic part off completely.

  1. I can slightly move the plastic back cover up and down, although it’s a very small distance. So, it seems that there is a little bit of ‘slack’.

Can any FP5 users try this?

Same here, just tried it: I can move the plastic part both up and down, whereas pushing it down is more obvious. Pushing on the corners, it moves down clearly visible, and on the bottom left corner (where the standard camera is located) it even makes a noise.

This is probably (hopefully) normal?

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the frist I dont understand what you do, or just cant reproduce.

for the second there was some discussion some time ago

Yes, I can also move the back cover right and left.
How do I upload videos to show what I meant with the first thing?

I dont think you can upload Videos,.you could just share a link to some storage location.

No loos parts so fare but, I’ve been thinking about possible coming issues with the back cover due to the design. It’s quite hard to remove, always afraid some klip might snap.
Best not remove it more than highest necessary.

All right, here is the download link:

Full link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I was quite surprised about the “Get a second battery for free”-promotion, because of this. I’d never open the phone to switch batteries on a daily basis as this quite certainly will wear off the cover.

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