Back cover is a bit loose on the bottom part


After I removed the Back cover a few times the bottom part of the back cover/back plate is a bit loose
so I can move it a bit to the right and to the left with the finger.

Have you experienced the same?

Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean… I’ve removed and put back the back cover a few times and it clicks back quite easily everywhere… or do you mean the add on cover/case?

I removed my back cover 3 times and it fits still perfect. Is there maybe something broken?


it still clicks in without any problem.
I mean I can easily move the bottom part(where the notch to pull the back cover open is) from left to right with barely any pressure. It feels a bit loosely there.

Ahhh… you mean “bottom”! :slight_smile:

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Yes, sorry for mixing up these two words. :sweat_smile:
Maybe a moderator can replace the word in the headline and in the corresponding message.

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But to reply to your question: My blue FP5 arrived yesterday, and the back cover isn’t loose. I haven’t opened the phone multiple times yet, though.

I might have an idea what you mean, although I would not call it loose and for me it rather feels like it has a bit margin and I at least need to use a bit force to “move” left-right.

However overall i have the feeling the back cover comes off easier each time.

Fortunately the case came last week so the back cover/plate stays in the same position. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I had contact with the service. They told me:
… There have been such cases, but it has not been the case with every case. We are reviewing the feedbacks about faulty items, to inspect them and provide improvements in the next versions, but we can’t provide a specific timeframe yet. …

Ah interesting to know! They told me that I should contact the resseller after I’ve sent them a video. But I don’t want to need to send my FP5 to the reseller because I use it every day.
A few days later my free case arrived and since I use the case I don’t touch the backcover anymore.