Migrating from FP2 to FP5

I want to transfer my data (contacts, calendars, SMS, WhatsApp…) from my old Fairphone2 to my new Fairphone 5. I tried to use a usb cable or wifi, but I got an error message on my FP2. Google services were disabled in my FP2. I tried to install Google Play, but did not succeed.
Any idea how to transfer my data?
Can I use my new FP5, and transfer my data later when I find a solution?

You can move a lot using MyPhoneExplorer which will also allow backups and editing of data.

Apps like WhatsApp and Signal provide their own backup and restore functions.

If you don’t have a PC or Mac then I would recommend opening a cloud account on murena.io or similar, which will allow syncing contacts, calendars and moving files (which of course get backed up in the process).


Even if you don’t migrate to /e/OS, you might want to keep an eye on this topic here, as it contains generic hints, too … Migrating FP2 to FP5 e/os/

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Oops, I have trouble with the forum.
Thanks, I was able to recover my contacts, notes with MyPhoneExplorer. For my calendar, I had to do it manually, but it worked.
However, I have trouble with my text messages. They appear in MyPhoneExplorer on my PC when I click on my new phone. But when I open the Messages App on my phone, they do not appear. Any idea? Should I try to download another messages App?

(Basically when using MyPhoneExplorer for this you would need the older MyPhoneExplorer Client App version 1.0.48 to restore SMS from the computer to the phone, later client versions had to comply to stricter Google rules and can’t do that. The German post above explains what to do step by step, an online translator like deepl.com might help you out in case of need.)