Microsoft "goes Open Source" (= acquired GitHub)

GitHub + Microsoft?


What to expect? Maybe the development for Google-free OS will get faster :wink:


Saw that today and removed my Github account.


OMG, that´s nasty, how could you…:wink:

Although the OS war has calmed down in the years behind many of us can clearly recall how respectfull and tollerant M$ began it´s business rise.

They don´t pay that hunk of money just for a good publicity. I think M$ and open-source is an oxymoron.

Giving own software away for free (Windows 10 was available for free to many users holding an active license) has nothing to do with open-source. It´s the peek behind the scenes that makes the difference. Anyone could fully look into the source of the linux kernel, hardly anyone could do so with the M$ kernel.

Also I don´t think M$ could do open-source anyway. Skype was (on windows it still is beside teamspeak) a first well working live call / video chat program.
It was also available on linux. What have they done in the past few linux updates - broke the video call function. Now discord seems to take its place.

Yes, for sure! M$ hasn´t done much in the past to get open-source going, it rather set up obstacles to keep their market position. But times has changed and open-source programmers are many and furthermore often cross-plattform.


Maybe Windows is going open-source! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Wait…I just asked Dax about it and there are quite a few hits, unfortunately all around April Fool’s Day… :joy:



Nonetheless, Microsoft has its own webpage.

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Bis Ende des Jahres soll Windows 10 komplett auf Github als Open-Source-Software verfügbar sein,

The 1st April joke is well hidden. While most readers might had their focus on the open-source thingy, there was a hint that Github was to be aquired by the company in the near future. Now it looks like being a surprise for so many…:smiley:

I take this line for an approach going on for some years already with very good results meanwhile being absolutely open-source.
So I would agree to say it´s only a matter of time. :wink:

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Well, there is a little more to that:


Good to read that there is a change going on and also a huge business as M$ can form a new shape.
But as a saying goes: accept what you cannot change.
Side developments next to M$ were going on with increasing speed. M$ has tried hard but could not keep its fingers on all developments let alone stay the major player.
As they write in recent times. Don´t know since when this movement with M$ is going on. But I know open-source since the beginning of the 90s as I grew up with the Amiga system. There was a lot of open-source, freeware, shareware etc. available. I believe no one of those coders then were in need to use any M$ developing tool.

large amounts of codes for programs like Visual Studio Code, PowerShell, Edge JavaScript engine

These are mainly developer tools. A good programmer not necessarily need to have a specific developer tool at hand but can go on with almost any tool which can do the job, even X-platform. It´s just a matter of convenience.

Those massively bloated developing tools were mainly reserved for commercial developers/companies in the past often due to the cost of license.
C-coding (or also other programming languages) has started off with simple text editors. They were available on nearly every platform. Many (old school) coders still prefer a decent editor such as VI for Linux or Cygnus-/GoldED for AmigaOS (hence they never died). A massively used tool was the GNU C-compiler (GCC). For free of course. Such simple tools got the software marked started.

So it was just a matter of time until M$ had to give in for some (developing) tools as there are plenty of free alternatives available for the low price of eye-candy and convenience.


Perhaps some of them started their journey with AmigaBASIC. Fun trivia: Who supplied that again :slight_smile:


I knew that was coming…:wink:
But C was the major upcoming and still remaining programming language after all. (I think Amiga Basic can be neglected here…)

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From the same company that created an inferior and unnecessary but proprietary E-mail exchange platform. :roll_eyes:

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There are first reactions which does not look so positive for the new union.

it already uses a modified version of Git to develop code for Windows typical Microsoft…

Is it the same company that bought a nice Skype and made it that awful bloatware? Or bought LinkedIn and made it crash Firefox ? Or again pushed Windows 10 and made me definitely adopt Ubuntu as my primary OS?


Afaik emailing follows the official RFC rules…
After reading this passage to which @Matthieu links to:

In discussing ways of competing with open source, Document I suggests
that one reason that open source projects have been able to enter server
market is its use of standardized protocols. The document then suggests
that this can be stopped by “extending these protocols and developing
new protocols” and “de-commoditize protocols & applications.”

it leaves a picture of their overall vision.

A very interesting and enlightening read.

It kind of looks like and as I have written above broke the video function on Linux.

Hm, maybe they had to as IE had a hard time in-between not being the no 1 browser choice of all users. But now all should be fine again…:grin:

Oh, how could you - after they´ve been doing their best to keep you depending on Windows. :grin:
I see similarities between Linux and “black”, once you go L… you never go back. :grinning:

What makes me curious since quite some years - if someone has something to hide he will protect this by any means. Only the core programmers of M$ knows what’s in the kernel and I believe only in collaboration the full kernel can be built. The Linux kernel is open for everyone. Also GPL programs. I cannot believe all the functions of the M$ kernel were their own ideas based on their own intellectual property.
Who could tell how much % of it is based on “someones else intellectual property” who would never dear to kick such a massive butt at court after obviously impossibly having stolen the source code or disassembled the kernel.
The only grave argument M$ had when discussions were rising in the public was their right to keep their business secret.


The problem is that migrating away from GitHub is tough. That problem just got underlined by this news. There’s a few federated Git projects covered recently on HN.

As a side note, you can swap to Gitlab if you want.

Just deleted my account. I’ll miss it for sure.

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