Microphone volume with headset(s) too low

Hi there,

when I use my Fairphone the regular way, holding it on my ear, call quality for me and for the one I’m talking to is pretty good.
However when I use my Bluetooth headset as well as when I use my friends wired headset I’m always told that my voice is too quiet.
Does one of you know how I can increase the volume of the headset’s microphone? If possible without also increasing the volume of it’s speakers, as it is already quite loud on my side.
Thanks in advance

  • Miguel

There is the engineer mode in Mediatek smartphones.

Enter it by dialling *#*#3646633#*#*.
Edit: Forum won’t display “Stars”. Better look up the complete code.

Warning: playing around with the values may damage your hardware, so make very small changes and test them before continuing.

These are some guides out there regarding audio settings using engineer mode, but I haven’t found one matching your exact problem. Perform some searches yourself, maybe you’ll at least geht more familiar with the mode.

If you are uncomfortable with using the engineer mode I won’t blame you :stuck_out_tongue:
Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

In “Hardware testing” select “Audio”.

I haven’t been able to try out all the features, but I believe you should be able to set your headset mic volume in “headset mode” by choosing “mic” as “type” and increasing the value for all levels (wouldn’t touch level 0 though)

Note down the original values to be safe.

Restart the phone afterwards.

If you dont want to re-dial everytime you can create a contact with that number and call it once to make it show up in your recent called tab. Then you can simply tab the number\contact name (not the phone icon).

See if your volume increases. Also try this in normal mode to see if it works without a headset.

Good luck :wink:


Same problem here, but with a cabled headset, type “aircoustic”.
The engineer mode number does not work on my phone! Instead it’s trying to dial it but the number does not exist of course.

You can use the App Secret Codes if entering the codes doesn’t work for you. The last one on the list is engineer mode, just click it and you’ll be taken there.


Ah, thanks. This works.

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