Microphone not working properly

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Last time I had an issue with my phone someone had already posted a fix so I’m hoping you knowledgeable folk can help once again! In the last week or so I’ve started having a new problem with my microphone. When I’m on a video call the other person can’t hear me very well even when they turn their volume to max. There is also an echo on their side. I just started using the Duolingo language learning app but I can’t do the speaking exercises at all because it instantly tells me it is wrong before I even say anything. I’m assuming this is related. Ordinary phone calls are fine. I can also record a voice message. I had to replace the microphone on my FP2 a couple of times and I’m really hoping this is not going to be necessary now.

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So it seems the microphone is fine as you can use it in other situations.

  1. What operating system are you using, is it the default Android 9 or 10 and have you updated
    Software update: 3.A.0066
  2. Does the same happen during video calls with both mobile network and wifi connections?
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I have a similar issue. People say I sound distant when having a phone call, until I put my phone on speaker! But I can’t always do that though…

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I have exactly the same issue, since I bought the FP3+. This is why I always try to carry a bluetooth headset with me - which is a big annoyance.
I hope this is fixed with the update 0066. I am still on 0054, the update is not yet available for me.

I’m using Android 10. I always update when prompted so it should be the latest version available.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a video call away from home so likely I’ve only ever used WiFi connection.

Maybe worth going out for a walk and calling family or friends on their land line to see if it a wifi issue.

At least for me this is not an wifi issue. I don’t use wifi calling.

I got the same issues.

The odds of that are astronomical. They jus failed?

I would think the microphones require testing in another phone to investigate further.

Trust me, I went through the whole testing and removing and replacing the module process before getting a replacement bottom module. I think the first time Fairphone sent me a replacement and the second time I had to buy one as it was out of warranty. I also had the whole phone replaced with a factory refurb at one point. I’m not the only person who had such issues. In fact I think it’s something they tried to improve on with the FP3, that the modules would be less easily damaged. I’m not a very techy person though so I can’t claim to understand what went wrong.

I don’t understand what role WiFi has to play here. My WiFi situation hasn’t changed and previously I didn’t have any sound issues. Let’s say it was WiFi related, does that mean I have to use data every time I want to make a video call?

Well if it works fine using data over a mobile service provider you are using a different radio system in the phone.

If it doesn’t work well with the wifi then it must be one of a) the signal provided b) a faulty the wifi radio in the phone c) some physical connection between parts ~ which I doubt or d) poor software interface interface between the wifi chip and the audio hardware system on the phone.

If audio works using mobile transmission then you can rule out the actual audio hardware.

I have the same issue. I got my FP3+ two weeks ago. On Messenger and Telegram the person in the other end hears me with low sound and echo. I tried without wifi and it was the same.

This appears far too often on the forum and of course there’s no way of knowing who prevalent it is as many people may just put up with it…
I have just put in a lengthy request for info on charging so will wait till that’s sorted and then send an official request to support.

I’ve had the phone for nearly three months and it has never been good, basically a £10 has better audio results.

Add to that I bought two phones, one for a daughter, who also has similar problems, it’s embarrassing and a bit depressing that the main function of a phone is to have decent conversation.

So whereas the phone is usable it is upsetting, so I make less phone calls than I would usually.

You may like to make an official request or complaint

Thank you for the link to support, amoun, I have now written to them.

My husband had ordered a fairphone 3+ which arrived today.

The first thing I did after recieving my phone was to make the recommended system update.

My husband did not. He immediately installed Telegram and made a videocall to me. I could hear him fine and he had trouble hearing me. He also called another person and it also worked fine.

We checked the build numbers on our phones:

My husbands: 8901.3.A.0054.20200929

Mine: 8901.3.A.0066.20201119

He then made the system update on his FP3+ so its the same build number as mine. Then we made a Telegram videocall and now I could hear him badly, so now both phones have the mic1/speaker problem.
So it must be a software issue.


Thanks for the detailed info. I hope you told support all of that !

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I have the same issue with my Fairphone 3+

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It’s a relief to hear it might be a software issue. In that case it might eventually be fixed by an update without me doing anything :smile:

The last video call I had (through WhatsApp) the person could hear me okay. She said I sounded a little distant but that’s much better than calls I’ve had with other people.

I have the same issue after updating on FP 3.

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