Microphone does not work without daily restart

Hi all!
Since 1-2 months I have a problem with the microphone of my Fairphone 3 (bought in 2020) because the sound recording does not work.
First I have noticed it using voice messages with WhatsAPP, Signal etc., where my voice was not recorded. I had to restart the Fairphone to use the microphone for those voice messages. Even closing forcefully those applications did not work, only after restart.
Additionally, I have noticed that the same problem applies to the video camera (using preinstalled cam-APP); again, a restart is necessary.

Fairphone: Android version 11 from the 5th of August 2022.
Anyone has noticed similar problems?

Cheers, Wolf


No mine works fine.

However I do not have a lot of apps that may conflict.

Ensure Accessability option is off etc.

Have you tried using in safe mode for a couple of days, that disbles the apps for the duration.

You may also want to check your SD card is formatted as Portable/ External rather than internal if you have one.

Another thing you can do is to clear the storage and cache for the camera and any other app that uses the mic.

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I have exactly this problem Wolf! Definitely since the version 11 update.

Hi and welcome to the forum

I have noticed lately that having the ‘Well Being’ app enabled has precipitated a) a repeated request to set the launcher and removing home screen shortcuts. Maybe check if you have it enabled and disabled it.

A bit of a shot in the dark :slight_smile:

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Thanks amoun!
Yes, I have cleared the cache of all apps, but with the same result.
I will have a look and try the other advice you made.
Thanks again!

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I have the same problem. I even changed the bottom module (because I could not plug in any charging cables anymore), which includes the microphone, but no change.
Restart helps for Whatsapp voice messages.
But all videos are recorded without sound! I have the phone since two years and the problem appeared maybe two months ago…

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Try a few things

  • ensure you do not have an SD card installed as Internal
  • Disable the 'Digital Wellbeing app
  • Disable google access to the mic

See Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages/Microsoft Teams video calls) - #58 by Razem


See Android 10: Reboot restores audio recording capabilities - #6 by Antoine

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Could you state which OS and version you are using for clarity?

My phone says Android 11 was updated on Aug5.
I checked my videos on the phone. I found one video with sound on 6th Aug, but all later ones have no sound.
After removing the microphone rights for Google and other apps, for which I thought they don’t need it, the sound is back.


Hi amoun!
Thanks for the advice. I have disabled the Digital Wellbeing APP since a week and it seems to work! I do not have to restart the phone before I will record a video or my voice.

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