Microphone does not work nearly in anything

Hi guys!

I own FP2 and I’ve owned it maybe 6-7months.
Firstly, 3 first problems, I DON’T have anymore, just wanted to tell about them. The last problem I seriously DO HAVE still.

My first problem was that the back camera stopped working. It was like it didn’t exist at all, before I had time to try out advices I got from FP the battery didn’t charge anymore. It looked like it was charging, but it didn’t and I couldn’t use the phone, it didn’t start. I send it to FP and when it came back it was okay.

Then a month later the front camera stopped working, but it was easy to fix. I just restarted the phone and it was okay. After that the phone worked quite long without problems.

A week ago I noticed sometimes when I used Google search by talking it like couldn’t hear me. Sometimes it worked perfectly. Today I noticed that when I’m making a call or receiving a call I hear perfectly them, but they don’t hear me at all. The microphone doesn’t work while calling or receiving a call, taking a voicemail, filming with front camera and everything else. EXCEPT while filming with back camera, then it works, theres only a little whine or whistle on the background, but really small. I tried already restart the phone, but it didn’t change anything.
I really would need that microphone, because my physiotherapist can’t otherwise hear me at all while calling at me.

Could someone tell me what to do?
Does anyone have the same problem?

Please, if you have anything in mind, come to tell…

As a makeshift workaround you could try using a headset for calls until this is resolved.

As for the microphone trouble …

You could try disassembling the bottom module, cleaning the contacts carefully with alcohol, and assembling the module again.
Here’s a nice video of how to disassemble and assemble the modules …

If that doesn’t help, and if you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, perhaps they could check the module by swapping it.

Else try Online Troubleshooting and #contactsupport .

Okay. Thank you SO MUCH! I’ll try that. :slight_smile:

Okay, so we tried that with my dad, it didn’t help. So we tried this, what “CTaramarcaz” said Microphone only working in conference/loudspeaker mode we put tapes and we also did this what “ecosepo” had done Primary Microphone not working and tired of replacing the bottom module but it still didn’t work. I can make phone calls if phone is on the loudspeaker mode (not fun at public) or if press REALLY tightly the bottom egde of my phone (around the microphone). My dad thinks the problem isn’t broken microphone, but instead there,s problem with connect between microphone and the display module(?). So thanks for everyone for your brilliant advices (even thought they didn’t work) :heartpulse:

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