Microphone do not work when placing regular calls but woks while using data

When placing a call with my regular phone provider (T-Mobile) the microphone doesn’t work. No one can hear me. We tried to use the “speaker” mode and it worked and I can also revert to use the regular microphone.
However when placing a call through WhatsApp (data) the microphone works well right away.
What to do? Shutting down the phone do not help.

Quand j’appel avec T-mobile mon interlocuteur ne m’entend pas. Mais quand j;utilise le “seapker” il peut m’entendre et je peux revenir a mon microphone de base et la cela marche,
Mais quand j’utilise WhatsApp mon microphone marche bien de suite.
Que faire pour eviter cette manipulation?

Hi and welcome.

One obvious issue others have had is that in normal calls the mic is bottom left, if you use the phone in the left hand be sure not to cover it.

You may also like to search the forum, there are such reports, and by the way and real problem please contact Fairphone as this is just a user forum using their name.

How long have you had then phone and how long the problem?
Have you tired using in safe mode for a while as it may be an app conflict?

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I had this phone since last October. and it was doing it on and off. Now it is all the time.
I will try to run more test. Safe mode is a good start.

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