Microphone 1(next to USB C Port) broken, exchangeable?

i need some help with my fairphone 4. If I am in a phone call, the other person can not hear me anymore after a few minutes. The self-test of my fairphone showed that the Microphone 1(bottom side, next to USB-C port) is broken. What are possibilites to fix it?
Can i exchange it on myself?

Would be very grateful for some help. Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately from all I know none of the (three) microphones on the FP4 are replaceable by the user :frowning: There is no replacement part that includes a microphone, so my assumption is that the microphones are all directly connected to the main body of the phone.

I would recommend to contact Fairphone Support, in my view this should qualify for a repair under warranty: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


As a precaution to rule out any software influences, could you try to completely disable the microphone permission for the Google app, then reboot to safe mode and try the hardware test again? If it doesn’t help, then I’m with @urs_lesse on this. It should be covered under warranty.

This confirms all three microphones are on the mainboard. Man, I so hope Cordon can repair the microphones on an existing mainboard and not just swap the whole thing … that (the latter) would be such a regression :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: (FP1 on my mind, just twice as expensive).


Not much new, but something I just noticed in a Support article (at the very bottom of the FAQs):

Q: Why is the microphone not in the Bottom spare part, like with Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3?

Microphones are very sensitive small components. There are 3 microphones on the Fairphone 4. They have to be positioned in particular places of the device for them to work properly (voice recording, ambient noise, video recording, etcetera). This positioning and their vulnerability limits the possibility to make them modular. This is why these 3 microphones are located on the Core part and not replaceable via one on the other spare parts.

I might be a bit overly optimistic and reading too much into the tea leaves here, but to me that sounds (very mildly) like an expert might in fact be able to replace an individual microphone.

@Markus2022 Any news from your side here? Or is reality too grim to report?

Strange there are two, both modular, on the FP3 and the sound in calls, speaker, videos is fine.

It def was not on the FP2 where the main mic was placed next to the USB port and it broke a lot (probably due to the mechanical stress caused with every charging cycle…)

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