Microblog / Facebook to Forum connection

Again an instance to think about a micro-blog on their own website for all of us who do not want to join facebook… I contacted Fairphone once in response to the choice of back cover mail where no result was given but only (follow-up-redirect) links to facebook. Unfortunately, their answer seemed to show that they did not grasp my concern about it.
But this is another topic.
I summon @anon90052001 and @Douwe anyway :wink:

I do understand very well why you would not like to join Facebook and will look into a way to drag Facebook post and comments on a micro-blog kind of site outside the FB silo.

My best shot at the moment is either connect it to a Diaspora account or set up a micro-blog using Known

Do you maybe have any other ideas/tips I could look at?

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Why not post it here?


Maybe indeed a direct connection between the Forum and Facebook would be the best. :smile:
I’ll investigate if Discourse supports this.

First of all, thanks for responding so quickly and in this way and sorry for not answering directly, had to work a bit in between :wink:
I am in favour of @Lidwien’s proposition: Why not start a topic “Official micro blog by Fairphone” in which only you can post? You could copy all the the (tiny) entries you publish on FB in there.
I am not very sure about what you mean by a direct connection between the Forum and Facebook - if this would include having to allow FB redirects/scripts this would not help in my opinion - but perhaps I just misunderstood you here.

Concerning the setting-up of a micro-blog elsewhere or using Known, I wonder why you would not want to just have a subcategory micro blog in “Blog” but perhaps I am missing something important here - if so, feel free to tell me :smile:

Those are all some great ideas!
I’d have to check with our webdeveloper what is most feasible to do regarding our current setup.

to be continued…

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Great, thanks so much :smile:

The category “Blog” no longer exists… :grin: It was not used much, so the posts were moved to the “Roadmap” category. :slight_smile:

Seems I did not make myself clear. I referred to the the official Fairphone website Blog.

Welcome @Douwe, nice to see reinforcment of the community-staff :smile:
And really great that our calls for wanting to be informed in a more actual way are heard!

I also support a pinned and read-only forum thread, as this should be the easiest way for you!
Maybe one can think of a second thread, where the community can raise short questions which they are intereseted in to read about short news?
Cheers, Robert

I assume some here want to avoid Facebook altogether (i.e. not even viewing without an account), but just in case someone doesn’t know: It is already possible to just read the Fairphone Facebook page without having a FB account.

You got me right here: I want to avoid FB altogether. :slight_smile:

And this idea in itself is not about getting the facebook content alone but about having a microblog with minor news than in the big blog posts - on the Fairphone website and not only via third party websites. This is why I also changed the order in the title of the topic…

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Correct. Though I haven’t yet blocked facebook in my hosts file, I do block scripts hosted at facebook from running, I don’t allow requests from any other sites to facebook, and I filter out any beacons that facebook puts on other pages (e.g. those like buttons on non-facebook pages that facebook uses to profile people even if they’re not signed in). In other words, any solution that directly shows content from Facebook wouldn’t work for me - it would need to be hosted elsewhere. On which note:

I feel any company’s website should always have all the information that is relevant to all users, such as latest news posts. I really don’t like these digital scavenger hunts where you spend half a day just going through all the third-party outlets that items randomly get posted to.

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I am currently looking if the webmention format can be used to automagically copy Facebook posts into the forum and have replies between discourse and Facebook synced so you can choose yourself where you want to discuss.

Of course without allowing FB access to our user database or any other info to protect the privacy of forum members.


Wouldn’t a Twitter connection be more up to date? Your FB posts mostly share blog entries, don’t they?

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Well, the explicit question here was about Facebook, but twitter might be possible as well.
Also, I think twitter is less a walled garden; more easy to access info when you are not having an account. Also on Facebook we share bigger stories and Twitter can get ‘chatty’ sometimes.

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OK, good point. But I think the discussion specifically was about the small news (aka micro blog) and not the big news everyone has already read in the blog, when you post them on fb. :wink:


Fully support this!
I would set priority to get REAL News in a short termed, uncomplicated and not highly official way, instead of just collecting twitter or FB posts with a questionable additional news-content…
But for sure: avoid any additianally register mode (for twitter/FB…) to read and discuss.


my idea would be that a microblog or special forum category would aggregate already published, but dispersed news, in one place.

So tweets, facebook posts, instagram shares can all be found, and discussed in one place.
Ideally, people on those platforms would also see the reactions from the microblog site, so we can keep any discussions unified. I asked the question on the Discourse Meta forum, but no answer so far…

So, as a test I set up a Diaspora account where all posts will be shared. I know this does not address all issues raised here, but at least it will be a direct, open and free way to read all FP news.