Micro sd not reconized, impossible to find photos

When i start my Fpp3+ it call me “sd card missing” while it’s there. When I take a picture i can’t see it, it’s not on my google drive, not on my phone and not on the sd card… an idea? :slight_smile:

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If the SD card is used as internal memory (first option when installing a card for the first time), and can’t be found by the phone, it’s not possible to store the pictures.

Can you still read the card in a card reader on the PC?

I didn’t try to read the card on my computer but even if the sd card doesn’t work, why the pictures are not in the phone? I have 50 Go free…

Because the SD-card is a part of the internal storage of the phone and used to store the data.
And there is a bug in Android 10 on the FP3, which causes problems like this.

RE Icnaus. Have you formatted the SD card as internal storage, which will be encrypted, then no data is available via another machine.

So if the images are not deadly important and you accept their loss reformat the SD card as external storage.

Check: where did you decide to store the images?

Try recording an audio track via the mic and see if that is retrievable.

From your description it sounds as though you’ve got your SD card set up as internal storage - that means it’s set up to show up as part of your phone’s storage, instead of showing up as a separate disk. It’s handy because it means you don’t have two places, internal memory and the SD card, to choose from when saving things, but it’s also not great because it means that if your SD card fails, the system gets confused because suddenly, part of the internal storage is missing. And to make matters worse, it’s very difficult to read the card on any other computer.

Some tests:

  1. Clean off the gold contacts on your SD card with alcohol and a cotton bud. These tiny cards are very sensitive to dirt. Try the card again. If it works now, you’re good. If it doesn’t, keep reading.
  2. if you have another MicroSD card, try and see if that does work with the FP3.
    If it works, it means the problem is with your SD card and not your phone. Try popping it into a PC and formatting it.
    If it doesn’t work, it means there’s a problem with the phone and you should contact Fairphone to get a warranty repair or replacement.

Please let us know if this helps - or if it doesn’t. There may be other things to try.


thank you very much for all your answers! I don’t know how,the sd card was there twice in the storage menu…I deleted the second device, cleaned the pins of the SD and formated the card in external device and I could use my phone normaly again :laughing: :smiley:


I had the same problem but not solve with the different answers !
I put a 400 Go SD card : I had now 576 Go ( internal - 64 Go, 17,10 Go used / SD - 512 Go, 122 Go used with 118 Go for the system). SD set up as internal storage !
And now, I can’t use the camera (photo and video) : no space to store ! ! !

Perhaps one solution : to format the SD card as external storage ? But I will lost some photos and video ? And perhaps more ? ? ?
Some advise ? Thanks.

Yes, you will need to re-format the SD card as external storage. However, before you do that, I would recommend that you save the photos and videos from the SD card elsewhere, for example on your computer or another external medium (external HDD or SSD).


Hey all

I transferred all possible apps and data on a samsung micro sd.
No i can’t use some app properly. A few examples: with whatts app i cannot record voice mails, camera doenst find any store to save pictures, with threema (a swiss chat app like whatts app) i can record voicemails, but cannot download and to hear them. With these issues, the phone is almost unusable.

I need help.


Hi sad to hear, you may have lost some data?

The SD card really has to be used as External/Portable, as once formatted as internal all the contents are encrypted, so it’s extremely difficult to read the contents outside of the phone.

So if something goes wrong you will have to reformat the card and tweak (reinstall maybe the whole OS) the phone to get back to using the phone properly.

Out of curiosity why transfer apps etc. to the SD card? The best solution is to have the SD card as Portable, that is unencrypted that you can save all your data to and use in another phone etc.

There is a guide. . .

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